'This is grotesque, isn't it?': Anger after police arrests man who heckled Prince Andrew during Queen procession

A 22-year-old man has been charged for “breach of speech” after the Duke of York was heckled as he walked behind the Queen’s coffin.

The man was pulled out of the queue by two bystanders and was later arrested and charged.

It is reported that the man in the crowd called Prince Andrew a "nonce", which according to Cambridge Dictionary is British slang for "a person who commits a crime involving sex, especially sex with a child".

The news of the arrest came after King Charles III announced Saturday that Prince Andrews would continue as the Counsellor of State—meaning he can officially step in for Charles if he is unavailable to fulfill his duties.

Andrew stepped down from public life after the furore over his friendship with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

People are outraged at the news of the arrest and Andrews’s position as Counsellor of State and questioned if they still live in “a free country” that allows criminals to walk free and be in charge of the monarch.

Many people drew comparisons to Meghan Markle and how the public has been berating her for being “black”, while Prince Andrew walked free after paying millions in a sexual assault allegation.

Here are more reactions from around the globe: