Putin's favorite philosopher accused of 'Nazism rehab' in Russian Parliament

Putin quoted Iying during his public speeches
Putin quoted Iying during his public speeches

Russian State Duma MP Vladimir Isakov, representing the Communist Party, has initiated an investigation into the potential “Nazism rehabilitation” associated with the philosopher Ivan Ilyin, reportedly favored by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, according to Russian Telegram channels on April 17.

The establishment of the Ivan Ilyin Political Science Higher School at the Russian State University for Humanities prompted this action, with Isakov labeling Ilyin “an unquestionable assistant to fascism.”

Ilyin’s views, quoted by Putin during his public appearances, violate articles of the Russian Criminal Code concerning the rehabilitation of Nazism, as he “openly welcomed Hitler’s coming,” Isakov said.

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Alexander Dugin, another Putin’s favorite philosopher and ideologist of Russian fascism (rushism), headed the Ilyin school.

Whether Isakov himself realizes that he has literally found himself between a rock and a hard place remains unclear for now. However, criticism directed at Ilyin, whose works Putin sought to justify Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, clearly does not bode well for him.

“Truth is with us, Russia is with us!

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“I believe in the Russian people’s strong spirit and accept their historical destiny with my instinct and will. Their spirit is my spirit, their destiny is my destiny, their suffering is my sorrow, and their flourishing is my joy,” Putin quoted Ilyin in September 2022 during his speech on the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories.

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