The Internet Can't Stop Talking About The New Post Office Trucks' Design

The Internet Can't Stop Talking About The New Post Office Trucks' Design

In case you didn't know, the US postal service is in the process of replacing their old cars.

Two United States Postal Service (USPS) mail trucks are parked side by side on a street in front of brick buildings
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Say bye-bye to this familiar friend.

USPS mail truck parked on a street near a building with a person partially visible at the rear door
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The new design is going to look like this:

USPS electric delivery vehicle next to a mailbox, showcasing new eco-friendly fleet. Background: second USPS van and buildings
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The cars were unveiled in 2022, and the postal service plans to deploy 66,000 trucks by 2028.

An electric vehicle is being charged with a postal service van in the background. The van bears the U.S. Postal Service logo and slogan "Deliver for You."
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The new trucks include advanced safety features, better driver ergonomics, and better fuel efficiency.

USPS electric mail truck with various safety and tech features: 360° camera, backup camera, walk-in cargo area, telematics, blind spot warning, and more

One tweet about the ergonomics is going viral:

Getty Images/Twitter: @Nexuist

According to the USPS, the windowsill on the right side of the mail truck needs to be as low as the mailbox so the postperson doesn't have to strain their arms or wrists. The new design fixes that.

Two U.S. Postal Service delivery vehicles are parked, one with an electric charger connected, highlighting new electric mail trucks in the USPS fleet
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The new windowsill also works for shorter people (5th percentile female) to taller people (95th percentile male), making sure everyone is able to deliver mail comfortably and efficiently.

Two new USPS electric delivery vehicles parked side by side. One vehicle has "We Deliver For You" and the USPS logo on its side
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As this person said, "This is what actual design looks like. Solving real problems for real people, not making things look cool."

Getty Images/Twitter: @kaseyklimes

So, yeah, expect to see these cute little freaks around town.

A new USPS electric mail delivery vehicle is parked next to a mailbox and another USPS van outside a building
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I'll leave you with this A+ comment:

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