Race Across the World airs special episode with soap characters

adam woodyatt and michelle collins in children in need
Race Across the World airs special episodeBBC

BBC's charity minisode Race Across the World (renamed Race Across Yorkshire), saw a series of famous TV characters make a desperate dash across the English county to the final checkpoint.

Taking part in the skit for tonight's (November 17) BBC Children In Need fundraiser were EastEnders icons Ian and Cindy Beale (played by Adam Woodyatt and Michelle Collins) who came first in the race to the Yorkshire to town of Pudsey.

Joining the pair were Birds of a Feather's Dorien and Tracey (Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson) and Waterloo Road's Noel and Samia (Liam Scholes and Priyasasha Kumari).

In order to earn money, Cindy and Ian got to work in a chippy, however the local dialect left the Walford couple confused.

lesley joseph, jeff hordley, linda robson in children in need

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"This is going to be easy money," he told Cindy, however he was soon proved wrong when a crowd of customers led by ChuckleVision's Paul Chuckle asked for chips and gravy.

"Gravy on chips? Nah sorry mate, that's just wrong," Ian replied, while Cindy was similarly baffled by "dinnertime" being at midday and not in the evening.

Meanwhile, Dorien and Tracey accepted a lift from Emmerdale's Cain Dingle before getting to work in the Woolpack, with Dorien's ability to pull a pint leaving the punters less than impressed.

On the final day, Ian and Cindy rejected a song from Gareth Gates to pass through "Gareth's gate" while Noel and Samia were thwarted by a phone call from Waterloo Road's headmistress who sent a truancy officer after the pair.

adam woodyatt and michelle collins in children in need

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The finish line was a bandstand with Pudsey bear, with Ian and Cindy making it first to the bandstand after Noel and Samia are dragged back to school.

"Oh I love you George," Cindy said after realising they'd won, in reference to her ex husband. "It's Ian", a less than impressed Ian replied.

"I obviously charmed our way through it," Cindy added, while a bickering Dorien and Tracey were still scrambling through a rainy field.

BBC Children in Need airs on BBC One and will be available to catch up on BBC iPlayer.

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