Racquel Hilbert wins Sask Party nomination for Humboldt-Watrous Constituency

HUMBOLDT – Racquel Hilbert won her bid to be named for the Humboldt-Watrous candidate for the 2024 provincial election. Donna Harpauer’s has been the MLA for this constituency and in provincial politics for the last 25 years.

There were three nomination candidates received for the Sask Party. Hilbert defeated Jennifer Brooks and Wes Berschiminsky.

Hilbert was born and raised in Humboldt, and grew up on a farm. She lives in the Rural Municipality of Humboldt with her husband and four children currently. Hilbert has a background in agriculture and operates a small farm with her father. Hilbert was in special education for 20 years and currently owns and operates a company that supports domestic, municipal, industrial and agricultural water needs.

Hilbert received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan in 2003 and earned a postgraduate degree in Psychology and Special Education. In 2023, she completed the Civil Engineering Water Resources Tech Program for Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Hilbert told SaskToday.ca, “I have many skills to offer. I can serve my community and constituency by drawing on my broad background in agriculture, education, water resources, and business. I am ready, listening and engaged with members across the Humboldt- Watrous Constituency. I pledge to advocate and speak on behalf in the legislature.”

She said she is interested in seeing more women and the unique skill set they bring to politics. "I am interested in seeing growth and development in all regions of our great province.” Issues of government that are important to her are maintaining and developing sustainable infrastructure to retain investment and encourage growth. “I am interested in attracting new industry opportunities to our constituency and growing our current industries. A strong economy is needed to support local non-profit organizations that support the communities in which we live and work.”

“I have a direct interest in the growth of Saskatchewan and the legacy that is left for the next generation.”

The Saskatchewan Party had nominated a total of 50 candidates for the next provincial election at the time this article was published.

Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, SASKTODAY.ca