Return to campus in Quebec a logistical 'nightmare' for some

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Some professors and students in western Quebec say they're facing a logistical "nightmare" as they scramble to get ready for the gradual reopening of CEGEPs and universities on Monday.

The majority of post-secondary classes in Quebec have been held remotely since the pandemic struck last spring. Now, most of those institutions are being given the option to reopen their classrooms.

To some, the move came as a surprise.

"I don't think anyone was expecting this," said Leslie Elliott, president of the faculty association at Heritage College in Gatineau. "Most of us are torn, right? We want to see our students and we see they're struggling, but there's a lot of fear and concern out there as well."

Unanswered questions, 'mixed feelings'

The province has advised colleges and universities to limit class sizes, but Elliott said it's still unclear what that means for students.

She said faculty have already prepared a semester's worth of lessons to be taught online, and will suddenly have to revise their courses to be taught in person.

"I'm not sure it's really going to help as much as the government would like it to," Elliott said. "I just think ... logistically, it's going to be a bit of a nightmare."

Heritage College student Isaac Bunge said the reopening comes as "a bit of a surprise," but one he welcomes.

Bunge, a member of the student association, said there are "mixed feelings" among some of his classmates, many of whom live out of town and suddenly have to make arrangements to either move back or continue learning online.

"It won't be easy for everybody, but they'll never be forced to come back to campus," Bunge said.