Roger Federer opens up on retired life after 'insane' career

Roger Federer is "happy to be back to regular routines" following his retirement.

The 42-year-old tennis legend - who is married to Mirka Federer and has twins Myla and Charlene, 14, as well as Leo and Lenny, 10, with her - retired for good in 2022 and admitted that he and his wife are both enjoying a "completely different life" after enduring the "insane logistics" of his career.

He told US TV show 'Extra': "The good thing is we started dating when I was about 18 and a half, 19. I was super young at the time, and so we've spent a whole life basically together already.

"We had the first half of my career without kids, the second half then with kids, so logistics were insane. So now obviously life is completely different, but we’re happy that we're back to better routines, let's say. No match the next day, no practice the next day, so you're much more relaxed, I think, at home. But of course the kids keep us extremely busy. I mean, school work for them now is very intense, so we try to help them as much as we can together."

Roger - who was ranked world No. 1 in singles by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) for 310 weeks - was then asked what advice he would've given his younger self and explained he should have known that the kind of "pressure" he would be put under amid intense fame.

He said: "Get ready for a great life and a very enjoyable ride, a lot of times in the spotlight, under pressure trying to save break points and trying to say the right things on a red carpet or in a press conference.

"But you're gonna have a great time and you kind of wish it's going to go on forever, but everything has a has an end point. I'm happy I was able to last as long as I did in the in the public eye under pressure, you know, on the biggest courts of the world. It's been an absolute dream career. I couldn't be any more happier."