Running deer stops to share apples with man snacking in the forest

There is a beautiful forest in Ontario, Canada where the deer cannot be hunted. They have no reason to fear humans and they will occasionally watch them curiously from a distance. But someone who is exceptionally still and quiet may be lucky enough to get a closer look as the deer will sometimes graze without concern. This man sat quietly on a log and munched away on apples. Before long, he heard the crunching of the leaves underfoot as a deer ran through the trees and passed within a few feet of him. Initially startled, the deer picked up the pace and continued along. It must have been curious because he was sitting quietly, or perhaps it smelled the apples he was eating. It stopped and walked back in his direction. Cautiously, it approached and watched him munching away. As he threw some slices of apple on the ground, the deer came up and began munching away. For several minutes, they both quietly shared apples. Deer are naturally curious animals and they react with concern to anyone who looks directly at them or behaves like a predator, but they are not sure what to make of somebody who doesn't react to them. This deer eventually came close enough to hand feed, although it did not take food right from him. After several apples, the deer casually walked away. The antlers that are barely visible tell us this is a young buck who is not full grown. By next season, he will have large antlers and he will be looking for a doe. Spending time in the forest with wild animals like this is a magical and unforgettable experience.