Schoolboy Killed While Taking Extreme Selfie

A schoolboy fell to his death while trying to take an ‘extreme selfie’ from the roof of a nine-story building.

The teenager, identified only as Andrey R, had climbed to the top of the building in Vologda, Russia, to add the selfie to his collection of photographs in dangerous places.

But, as he attempted the picture in the fading light of the evening, the boy slipped and was fell.

Although the fall would have killed him instantly, he landed in bushes which slightly cushioned the impact.

However, doctors were unable to save him due to his extensive and severe injuries.

The blonde teen, who was athletic and fit, was in his last year at high school and was thinking of applying to university.

His social media profile is full of pictures of him posing on rooftops or balancing on steel girders on top of buildings.

Friends had warned him that he was putting his life at risk but he became addicted to the thrill of taking extreme selfies on his phone.

One of his last pictures shows Andrey hanging on the wall of a building with just one hand.