Seth Meyers Flags Hilarious Flaw With Donald Trump’s ‘Unhinged’ Fundraising Email

Seth Meyers on Thursday went to town on former President Donald Trump’s latest campaign fundraising email, which critics slammed as “unhinged.”

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee “accused his political opponents of going after him” in the message headlined “HAUL OUT THE GUILLOTINE,” the “Late Night” comedian noted.

It was “a reference to the French Revolution where the masses famously rose up in support of rich people like him,” Meyers sarcastically snarked. (Of course, the opposite happened in France.)

Meyers then mimicked Trump as saying: “I left ‘Les Mis’ early. I thought it was very long. I thought it was very long. I thought it was the one with cats, but I can never remember the title.”

Watch Meyers’ monologue here:

And his “Closer Look” segment here: