Sound Off for May 7, 2024

Can’t have it both ways

If you make excuses for the rioters on Jan. 6, but criticize the college campus protesters, you are a hypocrite. Nobody is injured and there is no property damaged. And, it’s protected by our constitution. Riots are not.

No comparison

There is no comparison between President Biden and Donald Trump. I am voting for Biden because he is a decent human being. Trump is not a decent human being. He is everything Republicans used to hate. Do his lies, cheating in business and in personal life, making fun of disabled people, calling people names, being money-hungry, promoting events on Jan. 6, being a traitor to our Democracy, mean anything to decent Republicans? If Trump were a Democrat, this Democrat could not bring herself to vote for such a vile man. That’s how all decent Americans should feel.

Medicaid expansion

Well, the Legislature has proven once again to be gutless and failed to pass a Medicaid expansion bill to provide health care to poor working Mississippi families. The Legislature has succumbed to the governor’s threats of veto. The Lt. Gov. and House speaker have proven to be ineffective politicians. They should be voted out of office. The Legislature has again failed to give the people a referendum process which effectively shuts up the voice of the people.

We don’t really matter

Just a small note to those that continue to argue about who to vote for in the presidential race. Mississippi will never determine who the president of the United States will be. Please do not lose any sleep or friends over this election.

It’s not hate

I don’t know anyone who votes for the Republican politician because “they want the government to punish, hurt, and even kill people they don’t like.” I vote for the person leads me to think they are going to limit the size of government and, most importantly, follow the Constitution. Lately, the Republican party comes closest to that, so they have been getting my vote. If I found a Democrat that was more of a John F. Kennedy-type candidate, I would vote for them, as my parents used to. But from what I see, that type of Democrat doesn’t exist.

One of one

We have never had such a presidential candidate like Donald Trump. He is already pushing that this election is rigged. His over-inflated ego won’t let him believe, just like last election, that he lost. His lies and language in his speeches to his followers is offensive and designed to make followers of them.

Free speech

I don’t understand why I can not be critical of Israeli government policies without being labeled an anti-semite. Can we not make a distinction between Hamas and the Palestinian people? In their effort to wipe out Hamas, Israel is brutally exterminating innocent people and, in the process, only creating more people willing to join Hamas. Let’s not forget that Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother was the only soldier killed during the raid on Entebbe. This has, no doubt, informed his outlook on the Palestinian people.

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