Is New SYTYCD Dais a Delight? Did For All Mankind Heel Move You? Will Frasier Hookup Last? How Did DWTS Run Out of Time?!? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including So You Think You Can Dance, For All Mankind, A Murder at the End of the World, Dancing With the Stars and more!

1 | Watching May December on Netflix, without a doubt the most burning question is: Did someone run out for more hot dogs, or had Gracie simply guessed wrong? Also, who of you predicted that Charles Melton would be the first Riverdale alum to garner Oscar buzz?

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2 | Doesn’t the system by which Lawmen: Bass Reeves‘ marshals can receive partial bounties for turning in dead (alleged) outlaws’ boots seem like it’s rife for fraud? Couldn’t a less-than-upstanding marshal just hand over some beat-up boots and call it a day?

3 | We never did find out what happened to the bomb that Yellowstone’s Kayce planted on the Beck brothers’ plane, did we…?

4 | Why would A Murder at the End of the World’s Darby dive into the hotel’s pool at the end of the episode, knowing she was supposed to meet someone there who might not have her best interests at heart?

5 | After suffering through recent So You Think You Can Dance seasons with Jason Derulo, Vanessa Hudgens and Leah Remini (?!) at the dais, how delighted are you by the Season 18 judge lineup?

NCIS: Sydney
NCIS: Sydney

6 | On NCIS: Sydney, how does a body that topples out of a window land this far from the building?

7 | Does Dancing With the Stars realize we can’t see any dance footwork when they turn up the fog machine? And how did this show manage to extend its finale to three hours and still barely have time to read the winners’ names before the broadcast ended?

8 | Was Tanner Massey’s performance during Tuesday’s episode of The Voice the hardest to watch in the series’ history?

9 | How weird is it seeing Hulu content on Disney+?

Hulu Shows on Disney+
Hulu Shows on Disney+

10 | In Round 1 of the Squid Game: The Challenge finale, was there any way in the world the producers wouldn’t have the first button light up gray, so as to force a second turn and draw out the dramatic tension? And when all was said and done, was it equitable that the final two eliminations were greatly left to chance, or was that a big disappointment?

11 | We get “mother’s intuition” and all, but are we really supposed to believe that The Santa Clauses‘ Carol immediately recognized/knew that this nutcracker duct-taped to the wall of Kris’ Christmas shop was, in fact, her son Cal?

12 | If you were Survivor’s Austin, would you have asked Julie to return your idol following last week’s Tribal Council?

13 | How does The Amazing Race’s Riverdance roadblock stack up against the series’ hardest challenges of all time? And now that the Final 3 teams are set in stone, which one are you rooting for?

14| Would you have liked the very funny Jon Lovitz’s Pierre to have been a recurring frenemy on Magnum P.I.?

 Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

15 | We get that Meredith wasn’t feeling well on this week’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, but when she was having her makeup done in bed, didn’t it look more like she was getting ready for her own funeral?

16 | So, was Frasier’s Hallmark movie-inspired hookup between Olivia and Moose a one-time thing, or should these two complete opposites actually give it a shot in a possible Season 2?

17 | Even if you’re a LEGO Masters superfan, was this week’s “Bricks & All” clip show one of the biggest wastes of primetime airtime you’ve seen in some time?

18 | Was Bobby putting himself on the House of Villains hit list perhaps one of the dumbest moves in reality TV history?

19 | Is one of Bookie‘s biggest selling points that almost all episodes of the Max comedy clock in under 25 minutes? (Even its slightly longer premiere is a tight 28.)

For All Mankind Luka/Sam
For All Mankind Luka/Sam

20 | For All Mankind fans, given how hate-able Danny was last season, were you surprisingly emotional during his final scenes in this week’s episode? And did you recognize Anthony’s boyfriend from And Just Like That…, Sebastiano Pigazzi, flirting with Samantha?

21 | If the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters kiddos were so concerned about being caught inside San Francisco’s Red Zone, maybe they shouldn’t all have been waving multiple flashlight beams around, and singing/tittering over Japanese ad jingles?

22 | Considering how impressive the production value is on Fellow Travelers, were you surprised by how bad/fake this Fire Island background looked?

Fellow Travelers Episode 7 Fire Island
Fellow Travelers Episode 7 Fire Island

23 | Isn’t it weird seeing the M*A*S*H reunion land at Fox, and not its original network CBS? (We know it’s a 20th Television production, but still!)

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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