Is Taylor Swift Joining the Marvel Universe? Ryan Reynolds Just Addressed the Rumors

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Is Taylor Swift joining the MCU? That seems to be the question on everyone's minds at the moment, and Ryan Reynolds has addressed the speculation in a new interview.

Taylor Swift might be busy as her Eras Tour makes her way to Europe, but that's not stopping the star from being linked to other high-profile projects. Earlier this week, rumors about Taylor Swift joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe started spreading online after insider DanielRPK claimed the star had reportedly met up with Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, to discuss a potential role in the MCU. Shortly after, reports about the role being Blonde Phantom started spreading, but fans would know this is not the only role being thrown with Swift's name.

Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds attend the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets game at MetLife Stadium on October 1, 2023, in New Jersey.

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets

Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds attend the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Jets game at MetLife Stadium on October 1, 2023, in New Jersey.
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For a few months now, fans have been speculating Swift could join the MCU as Dazzler, who appears in the Deadpool series, meaning her rumored cameo could happen in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine.

In a new interview with Fandango, Ryan Reynolds addressed the rumors of Swift joining the Deadpool family, saying: "You know, movies like this… there's so much speculation about so many people that might end up in the film. I saw one that was convinced that Elvis is in the movie. Anything can happen and that's sort of what I love about this universe. Surprises are the essence of Deadpool."

Shawn Levy, who's directed all three Deadpool movies so far, was also asked about Swift's potential cameo in the franchise in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "That is hardly confirmed nor denied in this interview," Levy said, brushing off the question. "I'm going to literally walk about of the frame and save myself, otherwise Ryan's taking a hit [out] on me."

Rumors about Swift joining Deadpool got more intense after she was spotted with both Reynolds and Levy at a Kansas City Chiefs game in late 2023. Of course, Swift wouldn't be the first pop star to get a Marvel role. In 2021, Harry Styles also made headlines after joining the MCU with an appearance on Eternals as Eros/Starfox — a.k.a. Thanos's brother — and once you are in, you are in.

Deadpool & Wolverine is scheduled to premiere theatrically on July 26, 2024, so I guess we'll find out the truth soon enough.

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