Australians experience Canadian snow for the first time: 'Absolutely unreal'

The duo is being met with thousands of warm and welcoming comments on TikTok.

An Australian duo who recently captured their first moments seeing snow in Canada are being met with a flood of warm and welcoming comments on TikTok.

The video, posted to the account @Rhyleep95, shows the pair on a balcony wearing T-shirts and sweatpants. The text on the video reads: "POV Australians see snow for the first time" and its location is tagged “Canada.”

“Look at this, it’s the first time we’re seeing snow,” the woman, who goes by Rhylee Passfield on Instagram, exclaims, while shrieking. “We’re so excited, we’re literally in our T-shirts.”

The man in the video, who according to Instagram is comedian Bryce Lancaster, puts out his hand to catch some of the snow.

“You’ve gotta eat the snow, you’ve gotta eat the snow,” he says excitedly.

They move inside as the woman explains her feet hurt, presumably because she’s not wearing shoes or socks.

Once inside, the two can’t stop themselves from sticking out their arms to collect the snowflakes that fall on their skin. They point to the white droplets laughing, and then wipe them away.

“You put your arm out for a second and it coats you,” the man says.

“Look at the ground,” the woman says, sharing a shot of the grass outside her balcony, which is lightly covered in snow. “The ground’s getting so snowy!”

She goes on to show her excitement of the snow getting caught in her hair, as she laughs with exhilaration.

The video ends with them laying in bed, looking as the snow falls outside their window and their fireplace burning.

TikTok: Australians experience Canadian snow for the first time
TikTok: Australians experience Canadian snow for the first time

More than 2,000 comments: 'Got teary eyed'

“This is absolutely unreal, we’re literally just laying in bed right now looking at the snow falling down with a fireplace,” she says, as her facial expression can barely contain her thrill.

While it isn’t specified where in Canada the duo was located for their magical first moment with snow, the location on the account's next video is tagged as Banff.

The clip has been viewed 282,000 times and garnered over 2,400 comments.

Many expressed their joy in seeing newcomers' inaugural experience with the element, with some adding it gives them a new appreciation for it.

“Seeing snow for the first time is such a pure joy,” one wrote. “I take snow for granted living where I see it 7 months of the year.”

“As a Canadian this was so freaking cute to watch, got teary eyed, it gave me some snow love back,” another wrote.

Others in the comment point out that Australia also gets snow, though many clarify that not all parts of the country experience it.

This isn't the first first-timers' experience with snow going viral on TikTok this season. Earlier this month, a newcomer from Uganda was filmed reacting to snow for the first time in Quebec. That clip was viewed over 5 million times.