TikTok Girlies Are Curling Their Hair With Leggings — And It Works

At this point, it's not uncommon to try new hair hacks from the beauty side of TikTok. We've learned that some are using a pasta strainer to diffuse their curls, and now your favorite pair of Lululemon leggings may be the key to giving you those vivacious curls.

The new beauty trend of curling your hair with leggings has over 359 million views (and counting.) The actual gag is that this hack works and the girls are giving it a go. Curling your hair with leggings can give you gorgeous movie star curls. When it comes to haircare, the advice from TikTok is mostly on point. This isn't the first tip on heatless hairstyling that's floating around the app, but it's definitely one that has a place. Now, I won't be the one to say using heat at all is bad. We all know hot tools have a definite time and place — they just most certainly shouldn't be an everyday go-to.

Curling your hair with leggings can be done as an overnight treatment or a quick two to three-hour fix if you want to put some life into your tresses. However, this edit is for those with some spare time — essentially overnight. For those interested, we've dropped a few tutorials ahead for your review. If it works out, hit Hypebae's Beauty IG for a chance to be featured.

@eggdressesup not sock curls but LEGGINGS curls ib: @Courtney ♬ Vanille fraise - L'Impératrice