Trump Organization cancels children's charity golf event featuring stripper caddies

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A view of the Trump National Doral in Doral, Fla. (Photo from Getty Images)
A view of the Trump National Doral in Doral, Fla. (Photo from Getty Images)

The Trump Organization had to cancel a benefit golf tournament for a children’s charity at one of its resorts after the charity pulled out over the planned use of exotic dancers as caddies.

The Shadow All Star Tournament, organized by area strip club Shadow Cabaret, was set to take place at the Trump National Doral in Florida on July 13, The Washington Post reports.

But the Miami All Stars charity, which was to receive funds raised by the event, backed out over a feature of the tournament that would allow golfers their choice of dancers to be their “caddy girl.”

The Washington Post reports this would have been the club’s first event at the resort. Although there would not have been any nudity at the tournament, golfers and dancers were to go to a different venue afterward for a burlesque show.

In a statement, the club says it made the decision to cancel the event, although the Washington Post reports the Trump Organization said in a statement that it made the call. The club has since apologized for the whole debacle.

“We want to apologize to anyone that may have been offended by the tournament,” Shadow Cabaret said in a statement on Twitter.

“Our intention was to raise money for a deserving local charity. Though we have decided to cancel our event, we will not let this detour us from continuing to work with different charities and to give back to the community.”

All Stars director Carlos Alamilla told the Associated Press he hadn’t known the event was sponsored by a strip club until days before it was to take place. Golfweek reports Alamilla said that in addition to cutting ties with the event, he wouldn’t accept any donations it might generate.

According to a listing for the now-cancelled event, Miami All Stars hosts fitness, nutrition, and education in the spirit of “sportsmanship, leadership, respect, positive mental attitude, nutrition, self-esteem and regular attendance to school.”

The reaction online has been predictably humorous, with Twitter users cracking jokes about everything from relocating the event to Trump’s Mara Lago resort or the White House to how “on brand” the story is for the current administration.