The View Hosts Lose Their Minds Over Bridgerton’s Six-Minute Sex Scene: ‘This Is One Horny Panel’ (Watch)

The ladies of The View could use a fainting couch right about now.

Friday’s episode featured a conversation about a six-minute sex scene in the newly released second part of Bridgerton‘s third season, between Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton), and the panel was divided over the necessity of it all. More specifically, Joy Behar — and only Joy Behar — felt that it went too far.

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“You could leave a little to the imagination,” Behar said. “Remember in the old days, they’d be on the beach making out, and then the waves would crash. You knew what they were doing. But now they have to see the exact thing.” Not that anyone asked, but Behar also declared: “I could never do a six-minute sex scene. First of all, shouting ‘Get off of me!’ only takes four seconds.”

Behar’s co-hosts felt differently, with Sunny Hostin praising the “beautiful” scene for talking about consent. Doing her best impression of the Bridgerton duo, she recalled: “He says, ‘Do you want this?’ And she says, ‘Yes, definitely.’ And he says, ‘This will hurt, but only once.'”

Ana Navarro is all for the extended sex scene, but meeting Coughlan on a recent flight has changed her perspective a bit. “I’m now having a really hard time seeing her naked,” Navarro said. “She is so sweet and nice and little,” to which Sarah Haines reminded her, “Even the sweet, nice ones can get naked!”

“This is what we tune into Bridgerton for,” added birthday girl Alyssa Farah Griffin. “You want the steamy, romantic sex.” Even better, the hosts agreed that it was nice to see more love scenes presented from the female gaze, leading Haines to say, “I can’t stop gazing.”

At least we can all agree on one thing. As Behar put it, “This is one horny panel.”

Hit PLAY on the video below to watch The View panel lose its collective mind over Bridgerton’s long roll in the hay, then drop a comment with your own thoughts about it.

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