Watch: 353 ballerinas stay on their toes to break world record in New York

April 18 (UPI) -- New York's famous Plaza Hotel hosted a Guinness World Record-breaking event featuring 353 ballerinas en pointe at the same time.

The nonprofit Youth America Grand Prix, which organizes competitions for young dancers, celebrated its 25th anniversary by gathering the white tutu-clad ballerinas at the hotel and having them all go en pointe -- the ballet term for dancing on the toes -- for a full minute.

The attempt Wednesday took the record for most ballet dancers en pointe simultaneously from a 2019 event that featured 309 dancers, including talk show host Kelly Ripa.

"The big why of why we're doing it is to really let the world know that dance is a healing force," Sergey Gordeev, director of external affairs at YAGP, told Gothamist. "Dance is a power that brings us connection at a time when we're so disconnected."