Watch: RFK Jr announces running mate for presidential bid

Watch as Robert F Kennedy Jr unveiled his running mate on Tuesday, 26 March.

The independent politician needs a running mate to qualify for the ballot in multiple states.

Mr Kennedy announced that he had selected Silicon Valley investor and attorney Nicole Shanahan.

Ahead of today's event in Oakland, Mr Kennedy and his team circulated the names of several contenders, including celebrities with no political experience.

Names included NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura, who was a wrestler and actor.

Ms Shanahan is a lawyer and philanthropist who bankrolled a Super Bowl advertisement for Mr Kennedy.

As Mr Kennedy does not have the backing of a party, he faces a difficult task of getting on the ballot and differing rules across the 50 states.

He needed to select a running mate as around half of US states need him to choose one before he can apply for ballot access.