If you have to watch one Disney+ movie in June 2024, stream this one

George Clooney in Tomorrowland.
Walt Disney Pictures

Right now, Disney+ is kind of like the kid in school who lets his older brother do all of his homework for him. In this analogy, Hulu is the older brother, because it’s bringing most of the movies to Disney+, which gets to take all of the credit. But this month, there’s a movie that’s finally returned to Disney+ after inexplicably spending years in limbo. Now that Tomorrowland is back, we’re officially naming it the one Disney+ movie you have to watch in June 2024. And after its quick exit the last time it was on Disney+, we can’t guarantee that the film will be sticking around for long.

Tomorrowland was co-written and directed by Brad Bird, who made his name in animation with The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and The Iron Giant. It was also one of Disney’s attempts to turn one of its theme park attractions into a blockbuster franchise. So far, that trick has only ever worked for the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Regardless, Tomorrowland is something special. It may not have had a huge box office gross, but this is a movie that’s stayed in our hears for almost a decade. That’s why we’re sharing the reasons why you should watch Tomorrowland on Disney+ in June.

It’s a visually dazzling film

George Clooney in the promo art for Tomorrowland.
Walt Disney Pictures

Tomorrowland takes its time getting the main characters to Tomorrowland, but once they’ve arrived, the city of the future is really beautiful to look at. Disneyland’s Tomorrowland was basically the idea of the future as seen from the ’50s. The Tomorrowland in the film retains some of the theme park’s retro futuristic touches, but with a streamlined design. It looks like a dream given form.

Bird’s only previous live-action movie before this one was Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Tomorrowland doesn’t quite reach the heights of that film, but Bird fills the screen with more than enough eye candy to thrill the viewer.

Britt Robertson carries the movie

Britt Robertson as Casey Newton in Tomorrowland.
Walt Disney Pictures

George Clooney may be the biggest actor in the film, but Tomorrowland belongs to Britt Robertson’s Casey Newton. Casey is the heart of this movie, and it’s through her eyes that the audience glimpses the true grandeur of Tomorrowland. It’s such a life-changing moment that Casey puts everything she has on the line just to find her way back there.

Robertson is completely charming in the role, and Casey’s optimistic worldview is a nice counterpoint to Clooney’s character. Tomorrowland is ultimately told from Casey’s perspective, and she gets to will the future that she wants into being.

George Clooney gives a great performance

George Clooney in Tomorrowland.
Walt Disney Pictures

The days of George Clooney as a heartthrob are long in the past, but he’s always been a good actor. Tomorrowland lets Clooney embody a character, Frank Walker, who has to be cynical and grouchy without being unlikeable. The film does establish why Frank is so disillusioned by Tomorrowland and why he isn’t eager to go back there.

But it also never loses sight that Frank was once an optimistic young boy whose life was transformed just by the experience of Tomorrowland. Late in the film, Clooney is able to bring back some of that optimism in his character without abandoning his more cynical traits.

It recaptures the feel of classic live-action Disney movies

The cast of Tomorrowland.
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This probably went over the heads of audiences in 2015, but Tomorrowland really does echo some of the live-action Disney movies from the ’70s like Escape to Witch Mountain.

There was a certain formula back then where kids end up on the run from someone nefarious, possibly with an adult or two helping them on their journey. Bird may not have intended to play into that, but the journey of Casey, Athena, and Frank easily slips into that mold.

The message of Tomorrowland is inspiring

The climax of Tomorrowland.
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Without spoiling the end of the movie, the theme of Tomorrowland is that we, the audience, can shape the future. We don’t have to accept that humanity is doomed to self-destruction and despair. Collectively, we can all build something better.

It’s an inspiring sentiment, especially since this is far from the only movie to portray a potential apocalypse for humanity. But it is one of the few that offers a hopeful message to balance that.

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