Who Were the 4 People Killed in Friday's Mass Shooting at an Arkansas Grocery Store?

The four victims included a nurse who had just become a mother, a father, a caregiver and a woman with a faith so strong her children believe she would even have loved her killer

<p>GoFundMe; Facebook (3) </p> Clockwise: Callie Weems, 23, Shirley Taylor, 62, Roy Sturgis, 50, and Ellen Shrum, 81.

GoFundMe; Facebook (3)

Clockwise: Callie Weems, 23, Shirley Taylor, 62, Roy Sturgis, 50, and Ellen Shrum, 81.

Fifteen people were injured before police apprehended the man suspected of a mass shooting at a small town grocery store in Fordyce, Ark. Friday, June 21.

Travis Eugene Posey walked into Mad Butcher around 11:38 a.m., according to Arkansas State Police.

He allegedly carried with him a 12-gauge shotgun, pistol and bandolier with dozens of spare shotgun rounds, the Associated Press reported, citing authorities, who said that he emptied his shotgun and spent most – if not all – of the extra rounds, starting in the parking lot and wreaking havoc as he pushed his way inside.

The 44-year-old man had “no personal connection” to the customers and employees he allegedly fired “indiscriminately at,” Colonel Mike Hagar of the state police said at a weekend press conference.

Police are investigating the motive behind the attack.

Police say five people remained hospitalized as of Sunday, June 23.

Callie Weems, 23, Roy Sturgis, 50, Shirley Taylor, 62, and Ellen Shrum, 81, died from their gunshot wounds — among at least 256 people across the country to die in a mass shooting so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive, which tracks mass shootings, which the organization defines as any shooting in which four or more people are injured.

Callie Weems, 23

<p>Callie Weems/Facebook</p> Callie Weems, 23, dressed in her nursing scrubs with her infant daughter, Ivy.

Callie Weems/Facebook

Callie Weems, 23, dressed in her nursing scrubs with her infant daughter, Ivy.

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Callie Weems, a 23-year-old nurse and the mother of an infant, has been hailed as a “hero” after sacrificing her own safety to help another gunshot victim.

“Instead of fleeing from the obvious danger, Callie Weems began using her training as a nurse to render aid to a gunshot victim and unfortunately became a victim herself as a result of her selfless actions,” Hagar said at the press conference.

Weems descended from generations of nurses, her father, Tommy Weems, told The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

“She died doing what she always does: helping,” he told the newspaper.

A new mother, Weems had been texting about her 10-month-old daughter, Ivy, just an hour before the shooting, her mother, Helen Browning, told the AP.

“She will know that her mother loved her,” Browning, 53, said of the granddaughter she now plans to raise. “And that she was the sunshine of momma’s eyes.”

Roy Burton Sturgis, 50

<p>Facebook</p> Roy Burton Sturgis, 50.


Roy Burton Sturgis, 50.

A father and stepfather who worked as a logger, Roy Burton Sturgis was “as country as cornbread,” Browning told the AP of her other deceased relative. “He lived a simple life. He was a simple man.”

The 50-year-old is described in his online obituary as first and foremost a father. His daughter, Hanna Sturgis was “his pride and joy,” who “he loved with all his heart” and his stepson, Braydon Pennington, was someone “he always thought of as his own.” He had also become a step-grandfather to Pennington’s own daughter.

Sturgis succumbed to his injuries at the Dallas County Medical Center in Fordyce, Ark. on Friday, June 21, per his obituary.

On a virtual tribute wall, Sturgis was remembered as “always courteous and brave enough to speak out to any playground bully that crossed his or your path.”

“That character doesn’t change,” Marsha Helberg Waddill continued on the page, adding that Sturgis was the type of person she could not remember meeting because “it seems like he was always there.”

His funeral is set for 10:00 a.m. Friday, June 28 at the Benton Funeral Home Chapel.

Shirley Taylor, 62

<p>Facebook</p> Shirley Taylor, 62.


Shirley Taylor, 62.

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Shirley Taylor is remembered by her daughter, Angela Atchley, and grandchildren as a loving, sarcastic “Memaw.”

In an interview with KTHV, Atchley described her mother as “the hardest working woman I ever knew."

At 62, Taylor was the primary caregiver to her severely diabetic husband.

She also enjoyed crocheting and “loved working with her hands,” her daughter told the outlet.

Hearing the news of the mass shooting at the local grocery store, Taylor’s grandson tried to contact her to be sure she was okay.

“He couldn't get her to answer the phone,” Atchley told KTHV. “I kind of knew then that my mama was gone.”

Ellen Shrum, 81

<p>Facebook</p> Ellen Shrum, 81.


Ellen Shrum, 81.

Ellen Shrum went to Mad Butcher Friday morning to prepare a meal for a neighbor with cancer.

“She was like an angel on earth,” her son, Tait Shrum said at a family press conference reported on by NBC. “She loved everyone — even, she didn't know him — the man who took her life. She'd have loved him and helped him.”

At 81, the mother of three grown children still walked her kids to their cars when they left her home, her daughter, Teresa Crutchfield, said.

The retired flower shop owner, long known for her lavish arrangements and generous ear, had taken an unofficial role as a life counselor at her Baptist church.

She had also briefly worked at Mad Butcher and for several years at a bank — all after her first so-called retirement in 1999, the family said.

Survived by her husband, Kenneth Shrum, theirs was a partnership in which “we tried to overlook the bad parts and maximize the good parts,” he said, adding that their marriage was successful because they had long “worked together.”

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