Wild parrot comes every day to visit his pet parrot girlfriend

Johnson is a two year old ringneck parrot who lives in a loving home in India. She has free range of the house and enjoys her flights and free time. But one of her favorite things to do on a sunny day is to spend time eating sunflower seeds on the patio. For her safety, she is kept protected in a cage as she sings and whistles and calls to the other birds. Johnson's voice has reached the trees around her home and has attracted wild parrots to see what is happening. Each day, they have ventured closer and eventually they began perching on her cage and peeking at her through the bars. They rub her beak with theirs and seem to be inviting her out to play. Johnson is a very polite bird and she happily entertains her guests and shows them hospitality by passing them sunflower seeds through the bars. They eagerly take the seeds as fast as she shares them. The parrots have come to see Johnson for months now, always at the same time in the morning. After exchanging pleasantries and some snacks, the parrots fly off to the trees and continue their day. Johnson chirps and calls out happily. Johnson also speaks and it seems that she is trying to engage them in human conversation at times. She has shown off her impressive vocabulary and one of her friends has tried to repeat a few words. Johnson speaks Punjabi, which is very fitting for an Indian lady such as herself. This particular wild parrot is especially keen on Johnson and he seems to be looking at the cage with ideas of helping her escape. The amorous wild parrot would obviously like a girlfriend. This is quite amusing to Suq, the owner of the parrot. He can be heard explaining this situation as the video is recorded. Imagine seeing your parrot making friends, sharing snacks, and engaging in conversation with new friends. This is very similar to watching our children as they interact on the playground at a new school!