William Shatner issues dire warning following space flight: ‘Destruction of the planet is suicide’

William Shatner appeared on “Cuomo Prime Time” Thursday, just one day after traveling into space on the Blue Origin rocket. The emotional 90-year-old actor revealed that since his return he has been filled with dread over climate change.

“I wish I had better news and more entertainment and jokes to tell you but I was moved to tears by what I saw,” Shanter said. “I come back filled and overwhelmed with sadness and empathy for this beautiful thing we call Earth.”

Shatner referenced the climate change agenda in President Biden’s embattled $3.5 trillion spending bill, and warned that if we don’t do something about the industrial pollution we will not only be stripping the planet of its natural resources, we will be stripping it of the future.

“What is tragic is if our children, especially our children's children, don't have a chance to be part of this beautiful thing we call Earth...and it's just sad,” Shatner lamented.

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