Year in Review 2016: The top stories on Yahoo Canada

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    the truth on trudeau is on rebel media..
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    I only read yahoo news to get their biased opinion on the gang of thieves in Ontario and Ottawa. Its always a good laugh
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    And so this is Christmas, and the world’s all a mess
    I just can’t get over, all the negative press
    Seems easy to blame, post-traumatic stress
    Least that’s the excuse, when it’s time to confess

    Has the whole world gone crazy, mankind gone astray?
    When electors hail hatred, as the positive way.
    Mass killings, child bombers, refugees and malaise.
    Peace love and joy, are thrown in the fray

    More greed and more hunger, divide rich from poor.
    Religious fanatics, wage unholy wars
    An egoistic racist, and psychotic mentors
    Say they’ll be great again, building walls, locking doors.

    It’s me and myself, no other’s lives matter.
    Get out of my way, road rage’s trending chatter
    Some jerk went berserk, left a market in tatters
    Toxic waste, climate change, children lazy and fatter

    If I sound pessimistic, like a prophetic mage
    It’s hard to ignore, it’s all on the front page.
    You can lash out on twitter, the whole worlds a stage
    All the attention you need, for narcissist raves.

    So forgive me indulging, and reflecting this way
    I shouldn’t complain, and who cares what I say
    Guess I should be grateful, still receiving my pay.
    I hope your Christmas is Merry, and you have a nice day.
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    2016 was the take down of world media lol
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    no talent ,worse singer EVER