If You're Between 32–45, You'll Immediately Realize That These 37 Photos Have Been Living Rent-Free Deep In Your Mind For The Last Two Decades

1.VH1's I Love the '80s, '90s, and '70s, which you learned sooooo much stuff about pop culture and even history from:

Closeup of Michael Ian Black
VH1/Rerunners / Via youtube.com

2.And VH1's The Fabulous Life of... which you learned all about luxury brands from:

"The Fabulous Life of Jennifer Lopez"

3.The home login screen for Windows XP on your family's computer:

A WindowsXP home page
Microsoft / Via Twitter: @NostalgiaFolder

4.The singing mutant Quiznos hamsters that were just horrifying:

Screenshot from a Quiznos commercial
Tom Nash/ Quinzos / Via youtube.com

5.The Fantanas and their catchy AF "Wanna Fanta! Don't you wanna?" jingle:

The Fantanas
FT Depot/ Fanta / Via youtube.com

6.The skill of taking selfies with flip phones:

A woman taking a selfie on a flip phone
Dave Hogan / Getty Images

7.TVs that came with built-in DVD and VHS players, which were such a flex if you owned one:

A TV with a VCR and DVD player

8.The iHome stereo with the remote, which was also such a flex if you owned one:

The iPod home stereo

9.And iPod socks that literally did nothing to protect your iPod if you accidentally dropped it:

iPod socks
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

10.Purple and green ketchup that you swore tasted different than regular ketchup:

Purple ketchup
Purple ketchup
green ketchup
green ketchup

Getty Images, Gary Tramontina / Sygma via Getty Images

11.Madonna and Missy Elliott's "Into the Hollywood Groove" Gap commercial and ad campaign:

Closeup of Missy Elliott and Madonna
The Gap via Getty Images

12.Jessica Simpson's Dessert Beauty, which you really wanted only to see if it actually tasted good:

Jessica Simpson's Dessert Beauty line
L. Cohen / WireImage for Musicland Group Inc.

13.The belt section at Hot Topic which was full of studded belts — but you could also pick up a white or clear belt:

Hot Topic belts
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

14.The over-priced CD section at Borders that you were always tempted to buy a CD from:

A CD section in a store
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

15.Club Libby Lu stores at the mall, which looked like it was the love child of Bratz Dolls and the Limited Too:

A little girl wearing a Club Libby Lu shirt
Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

16.The massage chairs inside Sharper Image that always had one old man hogging one up for way too long:

People sitting in massage chairs
Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

17.Watching marathons of Trading Spaces on TLC on the weekends. And mainly watching them for the reactions of the people who got an ugly redecorated room:

The cast of "Trading Spaces"
A. Smith & Co. Productions / A. Smith & Co. Productions / Courtesy: Everett Collection

18.Watching MTV's Pimp My Ride to see what horrible makeover they'd do to the cars:

"Pimp My Ride"
MTV UK / Via youtube.com

19.MapQuest maps that you printed out. And 99% of the time you forgot to print out only black and white instead of color:

MapQuest directions
Altilongitude / Via reddit.com

20.Celebs wearing American flag, I ❤️ NY, and FDNY clothing on red carpets and events after 9/11:

Closeup of Pink
Closeup of Pink
Closeup of Hilary Duff
Closeup of Hilary Duff

Kmazur / WireImage, Gregg Deguire / WireImage

21.The red Netflix envelope, which was always a little thrill when you saw it in the mail:

A Netflix envelope with a DVD in it
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

22.The absolute magical chaos that was the midnight release of a new Harry Potter book:

Fans at a Harry Potter book release
Henny Ray Abrams / AFP via Getty Images

23.Philadelphia Cheesecake Snack Bars, which were the perfect afterschool treat or dessert:

Philadelphia Snack Bars
Blinko1009 / Via reddit.com

24.Restaurants and food brands changing their products in order to be Atkins friendly:

A Subway menu
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

25.The stack of blank CDs that sat next to the computer — which could inspire you to make a mix CD by just looking at it:

Blank CDs

26.The gaudy outfits David and Victoria Beckham wore on the red carpets in the early '00s:

Closeup of Victoria and David Beckham
Alain Benainous / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

27.The Disney DVDs that came with FastPlay, which you would press immediately, but it never seemed to actually work:

Disney's FastPlay menu

28.Interactive DVD menus that sometimes came with hidden features that you needed to know how to access:

A Shrek DVD menu
Nostalgivault/ Dreamworks / Via youtube.com

29.The Girls Gone Wild commercials they played late at night and you were always worried someone would walk in while it was playing:

Girls Gone Wild commercial
Millennium VHS/ Girls Gone Wild / Via youtube.com

30.The "Animal crackers in my soup" part from the Shirley Temple Little Darling DVD commercial that played ALL the time on Cartoon Network:

Closeup of Shirley Temple
Cartoon TV Shows, commercials and bumpers/ Fox Film / Via youtube.com

31.Best Buy having, like, 50% of its floor space dedicated to just DVDs:

A man shopping for DVDs
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

32.And the Best Buy Geek Squad Volkswagen Beetles that were always parked outside:

A Geek Squad VW
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

33.LiveStrong bracelets, which you wore because it was popular and it showed you "cared":

A LiveStrong bracelet
Stephen Chernin / Getty Images

34.And the red string bracelets celebs wore because they were into Kabbalah:

A man wearing a red string on his wrist
Toni Anne Barson / FilmMagic

35.The bright green "on light" on the old external computer speakers:

A computer speaker
Rebecca Kahl / Via youtube.com

36.Turning on your desktop like this and then feeling the warm heat of the computer tower on your leg:

A person turning on a computer with their foot
QuizureII / Via reddit.com

37.And lastly, having Internet Explorer crash on you, which was always at the worst time:

A computer with a virus on it