Surf breaks, yacht trips, and digital detox cabins, here are some of the top perks at companies outside of Big Tech.

  • Big tech companies have long been known for offering their employees great perks.

  • But there are other companies that offer workers some pretty great extras, too.

  • From yacht charters to digital detox cabins — here are some top perks companies are offering employees.

Big Tech companies have long been known for dishing out lavish perks to their workers. Despite its "year of efficiency," Meta, for example, has been indulging its employees with extravagant lunches, laundry services, and free hair cuts in an attempt to lure them back to the office

Aside from the tech giants, there are companies offering their workers some great perks, even if they aren't endowed with the same massive budgets (or trying to bring them back on site). Think: yacht charters, access to digital detox cabins, and wheel of dreams that employees can spin to win funds that go towards an item on their bucket list.

Here's a closer look at some fun extras companies are offering their employees — both in the US and abroad.

Outdoor clothing company Patagonia helps its employees stay active by offering them fitness and yoga classes, climbing lessons, and even surfing lessons.

Patagonia lets its employees take a break from work and catch a wave or two when the weather is nice.Ethan Van Dusen/Patagonia

Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard told NPR back in 2017 that "we have a policy that when the surf comes up drop work and you go surfing."

A spokesperson for Patagonia told Insider in an email tha employees still had "permission to go surfing when the conditions are good with the expectation that work gets done, though!"

Employees also have access to e-bikes and sand volleyball courts at Patagonia's Ventura, California, campus, and river floats at the Reno, Nevada, campus.

Boat rental booking platform, GetMyBoat, offers its employees an annual credit they can use for booking a 4-hour boat rental or yacht charter.

Streif and her friend on a sunset cruise on the St. Lawrence River.GetMyBoat

GetMyBoat's marketing manager Val Streif used the perk to book a pontoon at Lake Austin for a friend's bachelorette party in 2022, and this year, she and her friend took a yacht on a sunset cruise around Montreal's St. Lawrence River, Streif told Insider by email.

Airbnb offers its employees $2,000 yearly travel credit.

Airbnb employees can use the company's booking platform to book stays across the world.Airbnb

An Airbnb spokesperson told Insider that the credit was distributed on a quarterly basis and employees could use it to book stays or experiences on the Airbnb platform.

Ben & Jerry's lets employees take three pints of ice cream home a day.

Ben & Jerry's
Though, it's a relatively small token given how many pints the factories are churning out daily.Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

The company churns out nearly one million pints a day out of its two factories in Vermont, which run 24/7. 


Ethena, a compliance platform, lets its employees expense up to $100 a month for in-person bonding events.

Ethena employees at a recent cheesemaking event
Ethena employees in New York recently enjoyed a cheese-making class together.Ethena

Ethena's cofounder and CEO, Roxanne Bras Petraeus, told Insider that the company implemented the program in the past year after realizing that the bonding events it was holding, like virtual happy hours for example, weren't quite working with its largely remote employee base. 

"As corny as it sounds its everyone's job to create culture," Petraeus said. "So, if we want that to be true, we then also need to give people the authority and resources to do that."

Since starting the bonding program, Ethena's employees have gathered for indoor rock climbing, manicures and pedicures, Broadway shows, and those in New York City recently took a cheesemaking class together, Petraeus said.

At the law firm Clifford Chance's London office, you can find a swimming pool, shopping centre, dry cleaner, hair salon, gym, squash courts, and dance studio.

Clifford Chance
The law firm's office are sort of a one-stop shop for their employees every need.South China Morning Post/Getty Images

The company's office in Canary Wharf, London, has an on-site swimming pool, restaurant, bar, its website says.

The firm's employees also have access to an onsite doctor and receive a daily food delivery allowance of £20 or around $25 after 7pm, according to Legal Cheek.


Unplugged, a UK-based company, boasts a unique corporate wellbeing program, partnering with other employers to help them offer their employees digital detox stays in its cabins.

A photograph of an Unplugged cabin in the woods
Unplugged partners with employers to help them offer their employees three to four day stays in their cabins.Pasco Photography/ Unplugged

The program invites employers to give their staff an annual three- or four-day digital detox, which typically start at around £390 or a little over $470. 

"Employers are beginning to look beyond the usual wellbeing benefits offered to teams in order to support their wellbeing as well as professional and personal growth. Burnout is on the rise and over 50% of our guests admit to experiencing this when booking a stay," Hector Hughes, cofounder of Unplugged told Insider by email.

And the company offers the perk to its own employees, too.


Citadel offers employees an impressive range of benefits, including on-site perks like breakfast, lunch, snacks, and access to fitness centers and medical facilities.

Citadel hosted more than 100 events for employees last year, including an extravagant, all-expense paid retreat in Disney World for its employees in December 2022.Citadel

Last year alone, the firm hosted more than 100 events for employees and are on track to host an even more this year, a spokesperson for Citadel told Insider by email.

Event highlights from the past year include a Disney World extravaganza held in honor of Citadel's 30th anniversary and Citadel Securities' 20th anniversary, Citadel's spokesperson told Insider.

Some 10,000 people attended weekend long celebration, which was fully funded by founder Ken Griffin.

Citadel's spokesperson also noted other events that the company holds for its members of staff, including buyouts for amusements parks like Six Flags Great in Chicago, Ocean Park in Hong Kong; Universal Studios Singapore; and Centennial Homestead in Sydney.

Employees also have previews of museums exhibits — like a private viewing at The National Gallery in London this past spring — private movie screenings, and a host of different speakers.

Citadel's chief people officer, Matt Jahansouz, told Insider by email, "whether it's the world-class events that bring our colleagues, families, and friends together or conversations with thought leaders from a range of intellectual endeavors, we are committed to providing our people with experiences that foster connectivity, reinforce our culture, and generate a sense of community."


Adobe offers employees free access to wellbeing apps like Headspace and LifeDojo for themselves and one additional person.

A phone shows the Headspace app and sits next to a pair of headphones.
Adobe is prioritizing its employees mental health by offering them access to meditation apps and therapy.Jens Kalaene/picture alliance via Getty Images

The company has also partnered with Spring Health to offer an employee assistance program, at no additional cost to employees, a spokesperson for Adobe told Insider by email.

It covers the cost of the first 10 therapy sessions for an employee, their spouse or domestic partner, and their dependents each calendar year, Adobe's spokesperson wrote, adding that the number of free therapy sessions will be extended to 12 per year.

Hiring platform Fountain has had a peer-to-peer reward program for its employees for the past two years.

work friends
It's become harder to bond with peers in the era of remote work, so Fountain has a program for helping its employees gift each other swag, gift cards, or donate points to nonprofits.Getty Images

The company uses the employee recognition and rewards platform, Bonusly, for its peer-to-peer recognition program.

Employees can gift each other gift cards, swag, or donate points to nonprofit organizations, according to Hope Weatherford, Fountain's Senior Director of People.

"We're a remote-first company and at our recent annual in-person gathering, called Fountain Forward, many of our employees actually donated their points from Bonusly en masse to a number of organizations that line up with Fountain's mission–to the tune of $4,000 donated World Wildlife Fund, the ACLU, Juma Ventures, and the Trevor Project in June and July. Our CEO Sean Behr also matched this donation," Weatherford told Insider.

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