Andy Reid reached his limit on ‘nuggies,’ cheeseburgers in State Farm commercial

C’mon State Farm, release the outtakes from the “nuggies” commercial with the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

That commercial, which shows Reid stealing food from Mahomes, makes Chiefs fans smile, but it could have looked radically different.

For starters, Mahomes told Complex earlier this year that Reid went off-script with his attempted theft of Mahomes’ chicken “nuggies.”

“He actually started just doing that on his own. So that’s probably why everybody thought it was the funniest, because it was natural. It makes my job easier if he’s the funny one.”

That spot was filmed a year ago at the Independence Hi-Boy Drive-In with Jake from State Farm (actor Kevin Miles), and Reid said the director originally wanted him to, well, talk with his mouth full.

Reid revealed that during an interview with Complex, and he admitted there is a limit to how many cheeseburgers he can eat.

“I made a pact to myself just being a cheeseburger connoisseur that I wouldn’t use the spit bucket. But after about the 60th cheeseburger, I had to go there,” Reid said.

“That wasn’t the funniest part. The funniest part was the producer here. He wanted me to try to talk and do my lines with my mouth full of the cheeseburger, and Pat’s sitting right in front of me, so I’m trying to do this and there’s cheeseburgers flying everywhere at these guys and they couldn’t hold it straight. They were dying laughing. Finally, Pat goes cut it, we’re not doing this.”

Those are the outtakes Chiefs Kingdom wants to see.

Mahomes is in control on a football field and apparently when shooting commercials, too, as he called cut.

Reid also talked about that commercial earlier this month while on the Y’s Guys podcast. Reid, who played at BYU, was asked by former Cougars quarterback Robbie Bosco how many of those “nuggies” were consumed.

Once again, that spit bucket came in handy.

“I’ll tell you what, there are a lot of nuggets, thank goodness they were good ones,” Reid said. “They give you a spit bucket, which kind of sounds gross and it kind of is gross, but I said I wasn’t going to use the spit bucket. But after about the hundredth nuggie, you get ready for that spit bucket.”