Anti-Stephen Harper group raises enough money to air attack ad on CBC’s HNIC

Don Cherry has been with Hockey Night in Canada since 1980. ((CBC))

It's a big success for a witty group of political activists.

Last month, Yahoo! Canada News reported that the 'Sh#$ Harper Did' group had produced an anti-Harper attack ad and were crowdfunding to have it broadcast on television.

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Well, they've surpassed their goals and raised $76,412.

The commercial will be broadcast twice on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, including Friday night's Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins playoff game.

They'll also have enough money left over for between 20 and 100 ad buys on other shows and networks.

According to the group's Executive Director — and comedian — Sean Devlin, their goal is to counter the Harper government's Economic Action plan ads which he says are "devoid of facts."

"There's very little information in them and they're also costing taxpayers a lot of money," he told Yahoo! Canada News.

"When we look at things like a record high number of Canadians using foodbanks, this record high household debt and the United Nations expressing concerns about poverty -- it really didn't seem that the statements in Harper's ads [were] factually accurate. We just wanted to get some of that truth out there."

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Devlin notes that their video was deemed too controversial, by the CBC, to air beside other advertisements so it will actually have its own individual ad slot.

Regardless, it should earn a lot of views: Game 1 of the Sens/Pens series, last week, had 1.3 million viewers on CBC.

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