Must-see videos of the week – Nov. 30

Jordan Chittley
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From a fearless taxi driver who took out an armed robber to a man having a lot of fun with food and a power tool, we've seen some great videos this week. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Taxi driver wrestles robber to ground

An Australian woman was in court this week after a nine-hour crime spree that allegedly involved stealing a man's wallet, carjacking an elderly woman and holding up two banks with a weapon. But what's making headlines is the way she was detained;  after the bank heists, she hopped in a cab and forced the driver at knife point to take her to a shopping centre. When the two were walking through the parking lot, the driver put his arm around the suspect's neck and wrestled her to the ground.

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2. How to eat corn in 10 seconds

It's always a great idea to mix power tools and food — at least for viral video purposes. Remember that guy who decided to show everyone how he carves a pumpkin with a gun? That was awesome, especially considering how he considers his Colt 1911 a common household item. But now we have a guy who really does use a common household item to eat his corn: he puts a drill bit into a corn cob so it can spin faster, presumably allowing him to eat faster. Something tells me, however, that not much of the corn actually gets into his stomach.

3. One month after Sandy

It has been a just over a month since Superstorm Sandy smacked the U.S. East Coast leveling houses and causing billions of dollars in damage. Officials and volunteers have been working hard to improve the situation, but many of the hardest hit areas still look like war zones. In this video, two people share their stories about what life has been like since the storm surge hit.

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4. Teen sentenced to push-ups

Judges and law enforcers have been creative lately with their punishments. First there was the woman who was ordered by a judge to wear an a sign that referred to her as being an "idiot" after she drove on the sidewalk to pass a school bus. Now, we learn a cop forced Rhode Island teens to do pushups as punishment. Richard Marchione was driving with four other teens when one of them allegedly knocked down a mailbox with a stick. Police officer Luis Rivera, who may be suspended, ordered the teens to "give me some push-ups" before allowing the teens to drive away. The owner of the mailbox didn't press charges. According to WPRI, the boy's mother and the mayor support the officer's decision.

5. Truck dangles from bridge as driver saved

The driver of a small truck in Oregon smashed through a guard rail and was left dangling in a vertical position over a highway. The only thing that appears to be holding the vehicle on the overpass is one rear wheel. Rescuers were able to secure the truck with chains and then rescue the driver using a ladder and a basket. The driver, Matthew Alan Hamilton was taken to hospital, but because he had a blood alcohol level of 0.50 at the time of the crash, he had to go to jail when he was released from hospital.

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