Retiring TTC employee posts video rant over lack of farewell party

After 31 years of employment, is it wrong to expect a handshake on your last day of work? How about a retirement party or some other sign of gratitude?

That’s the question that seems to have left a bitter taste in the mouth of a recently-retired Toronto Transit Commission employee, who posted a rant on YouTube about the lack of respect he believes he was shown after retiring earlier this winter.

The video was posted to YouTube by a user named Ron Mitchell and shows an empty conference room where he claims there was supposed to be a retirement party and he was supposed to receive a certificate of appreciation.

Instead, he claims there was nothing. No recognition, no party, no handshake goodbye.

"Well, after 31 years at TTC, this is my retirement party," he says to kick off the nearly four-minute diatribe about his time with the transit agency. "This is my last day on the job and there is not a soul here, absolutely nobody."

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For much of the video, the disgruntled employee complains about how much respect and attention members of management received, while workers such as himself get short shrift.

The video, which appears to have been posted in early January, concludes with the retiring employee throwing his work boots and hard hat into the garbage.

"That ends my career at TTC, 30 years and nine months. And what did I get? Nothing, which is what they'll get from me now. Nothing. Good luck."

TTC spokesman Brad Ross told Yahoo Canada News that unfortunate event occurred over the holiday season, leading to miscommunication between Mitchell and his managers.

"We very much value the work of all our employees, especially those who have worked their entire adult lives serving the people of Toronto and the TTC," Ross said.

"We have made attempts to reach Mr Mitchell and apologize and try to make this right. Receptions and the like are up to individuals and vary by department, but recognition of a hard-earned career that has come to a close is something we value. As I say, very unfortunate."

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Many Canadians shared their opinions on social media, some of whom considered Mitchell a crybaby, while others agreed he had been slighted.

“I think it's appalling you dedicated your career to them and that this was your experience, but I just wanted to thank you for working for the TTC," YouTube user Kelly Knights wrote. "I know it can often be a thankless job from the public, but Toronto wouldn't function without you guys and I wanted to let you know you are appreciated. Enjoy your retirement!"

Another user wrote, "You get a generous cash for life pension which I don't get. You get to pass your generous pension to your wife once you are gone. You probably made over $30 an hour for doing not too much. You did have a cash for life job. But, good luck in retirement, I would glady (sic) trade places with you."

Mitchell says in a message posted to his YouTube video that he has been contacted by his superintendent and has accepted an apology. It seems much of his sour grapes have been turned into wine. But he is still stinging over being stood up on his final day at work.

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