Drugs, stun gun found on Justin Bieber tour bus in Sweden: Reports

North Stars

Maybe this was why Justin Bieber was wearing a hat over his balaclava.

No doubt the Canadian pop star wants to disappear after reports emerged Thursday that Swedish police found drugs on board one of his tour buses Wednesday night. According to a police spokesperson, a stun gun and some unidentified drugs (though several reports claim local papers identify it as marijuana) turned up on the bus when police searched the vehicle after a cop reportedly smelled marijuana emanating from it.

Though Bieber did not comment directly on the reports, he tweeted from Finland: "some of the rumors about me....where do people even get this stuff. whatever...back to the music."

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At the time of the search, the tour bus was reportedly in the parking lot of Stockholm's Globe Arena, where the 19-year-old "Boyfriend" singer was performing on Wednesday night. According to TMZ, at around 7:10 p.m., a cop smelled pot coming from inside the vehicle when it was parked outside The Grand Hotel, where Bieber was staying. Local officers reportedly stormed the bus half an hour after the Biebs had entered the arena and the vehicle had dropped 10 to 15 people off.

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On Thursday, the police said they had no suspects, no arrests and that the drug had not yet been officially identified (it was being sent to a lab for analysis). "There were no violations," a source told People. TMZ added that because the drug was found on the floor of the empty bus, it cannot be attributed to any one person. According to Reuters, the cops are unlikely to do anything else unless some new information turns up.

TMZ reports that before the raid, Bieber was seen with his friend Lil Za, the 19-year-old rapper with whom the pop star was allegedly photographed smoking pot in January.

"I never want to let any of you down," Bieber tweeted after that incident. "U get knocked down, u get up."