Clarkson’s Farm star Gerald Cooper provides health update after cancer diagnosis

Gerald Cooper, the adored star of Clarkson’s Farm, has been flooded with support after he shared an update following his prostate cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

The 74-year-old who works alongside formerTop Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson on his Chipping Norton farm, revealed the news in the first episode of the latest season of the Prime Video series.

In the episode, Clarkson is seen receiving a phone call informing him that the farmer is unwell before he tells the camera crew: “Gerald’s got cancer. Oh sh**”. It is then revealed in the following episode that Gerald must undergo treatment for prostate cancer.

Towards the end of the series, Gerald, much-loved for his West Country accent, is said to be improving as he undergoes treatment for the illness.

Now, to the delight of fans, the Clarkson’s Farm team have shared the news that the farmer is cancer-free.

“A healthy and happy Gerald!” reads the caption written alongside a picture of Gerald in a wooly jumper patterned with sheep, in a post shared on X/Twitter.

Fans of the show were overjoyed at the health update, as one wrote: “Bloody awesome to see him back at full health! Everyone in my Aussie household were so upset when we saw Gerald was sick . Keep up the great work fixing Clarksons mistakes Gerald.”

Another explained how the news had impacted him emotionally, writing: “As a grown man I was in tears twice over this man the sad news he was ill and then the happy news he was getting better and had beaten the bugger.”

Gerald is healthy following his treatment for prostate cancer (Amazon Prime Video)
Gerald is healthy following his treatment for prostate cancer (Amazon Prime Video)

A third person wrote: “Can’t like this enough, we love Gerald!” while someone else added: “So happy he’s doing well!”

Many also took the opportunity to commend Gerald on his sense of fashion, exemplified in the picture by his fantastic wooly jumper.

“Time for some merch drop. This design would definitely work for the Christmas jumpers” wrote one person.

Another suggested: “We need to see Gerald’s jumper on sale at Clarkson’s Farm. All proceeds to cancer research! Great to see him back to full beer drinking fitness!”

The new season of Clarkson’s Farm sees the former Top Gear presenter continue on his journey to become a fully-fledged farmer on his Chipping Norton farm.

Season three unfolds as the team tackles everything from a pig mortality problem to smashed tractor windows and poor crop quality.

Clarkson’s Farm is streaming on Amazon Prime now.