EastEnders' Phil looks for answers after big exit in early iPlayer release

EastEnders spoilers follow for Monday’s episode (June 17), which is available to stream on BBC iPlayer now and hasn’t yet aired on TV.

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell has confronted Sharon Watts in search of answers in the show’s latest episode.

Last week saw Karen Taylor return for Keanu’s funeral, and after a prison meeting with Dean Wicks, she had her suspicions over whether he really did kill her son.

In today’s episode, Karen and Bernie received Keanu’s ashes, but Karen still questioned whether Dean was right and Linda was lying about what she saw.

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Karen told Linda, Johnny and Callum that she met Dean and confronted Linda about his accusations, though she stuck to her story.

Meanwhile, Phil felt lonely on Father’s Day and decided to ask Sharon for some time with Albie, and the pair bonded in the park while Sharon happily watched on.

Callum met with Karen in the café and told her that the case against Dean was watertight, but Karen said she didn’t understand his motive for murder.

Johnny overheard the conversation and defended his mum, telling Callum to back off, and his urgency piqued Callum’s suspicions.

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Sharon spoke with Callum about how Phil was missing Ben, so he invited Phil to the prison call later.

But Sharon was spooked when he told her that Karen went to see Dean, and she walked off abruptly with Albie, with Callum and Phil left concerned.

Karen, now convinced that Dean did kill Keanu, decided to return to Mitch and the kids, and left Albert Square in a taxi after saying an emotional goodbye to Bernie.

phil mitchell, sharon watts, eastenders

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But while Karen is no longer a concern for The Six, Callum is still suspicious – and he told Phil that something didn’t seem right between Linda, Johnny and Sharon.

Phil went round to check on Sharon, and while there he saw a text on her phone from Linda, which said, "Karen gone, but Callum asking questions."

Now properly suspicious, Phil showed her the text, said, "Something is going on, Sharon. And I ain’t leaving here until you tell me what it is."

What will Sharon say, and will Phil find out the truth?

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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