Emmerdale's Mackenzie 'replaced' in new Sarah story

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Emmerdale's Mackenzie 'replaced' in Sarah storyITV

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd fears for his job next week as Sarah Sugden helps out at the garage.

Mackenzie is taken by surprise when Sarah confidently declares that she might secure a permanent position at Cain Dingle's business.

When Cain is short-staffed at work next week, he asks his granddaughter Sarah to step in.

Sarah isn't pleased to be roped in at the last minute, but she reluctantly begins her shift.

cain dingle, sarah sugden,emmerdale

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The teen's time at work suddenly improves as a handsome customer arrives. She enjoys fixing his car and sparks fly between the pair, although Cain is bemused by her unexpected change in mood.

Back home, Sarah confides in her grandmother Charity about how well her job is going.

Charity is proud of Sarah's efforts, but Mackenzie is rattled when Sarah suggests that she might be replacing him at the garage. Is Mackenzie's job under threat?

sarah sugden, mack boyd, charity dingle, emmerdale
charity dingle, sarah sugden, mack boyd, emmerdale

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Speaking recently about Mackenzie's future, Lawrence Robb – who plays him – told Digital Spy: "At the moment I'm expecting it to be a little bit quieter for Mackenzie – and Charity, I guess. But it's Emmerdale so you never know. There's always something that they've got planned for each of the characters.

"I'm enjoying having a little bit of a break because I've been quite full-on for the last year at least!"

Asked about the possibility of more criminal hi-jinks between Mack and Aaron Dingle, he replied: "I do enjoy working with Danny [Miller, who plays Aaron]. It's always a laugh. There's a lot of hilarity when we're on set together. I hope so but at the moment I'm not sure.

"I think it might be a little bit quieter now for Mackenzie for a little bit. It would be nice to see some of the hi-jinks that Aaron and Mackenzie get up to."

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