‘All Hell’s Going to Break Loose’ as Trump Sets ‘Return to Power,’ Michael Steele Warns | Video

MSNBC analyst Michael Steele said democrats better get their heads in the game or else “all hell’s going to break loose” as former president Donald Trump is strategically setting up the pieces to solidify his “return to power.”

Wednesday’s comments came after Bernie Moreno won Ohio’s GOP Senate primary. On Tuesday, Trump-backed Moreno succeeded over Sen. Matt Dolan and Secretary of State Frank LaRose, adding another member of his entourage that could ultimately assist in Trump’s quest to become Commander-in-Chief for a second term.

On top of that, former and longtime Trump loyalists like Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Christina Bobb and Laura Loomer could help lead Trump back into the White House. Steele said the nation is in for what he believes will be a ruthless battle between the two presidential candidates.

“All hell’s going to break loose. This is all in. Manafort coming back in is to set up control of the conventions so that there are no slippages,” Steele said in response to a question about what his thoughts are about the four huddling back up with Trump. “Having Trump’s people on the rules committee to control the rules of the convention, the flow of the convention … key political operatives for Trump that will be out and about enforcing a strategy that will take no prisoners.”

He continued: “I don’t think people really appreciate exactly what we’re going to be in for. And you layer on top of that, the political use of AI by some of these folks who know how to utilize that type of platform — this campaign is going to be very difficult on the country because these folks are all about one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump’s absolute return to power. It’s not about return to the presidency, people.”

Steele said democrats need to steer their attention to how Trump is crafting his A-team, as Trump likely has a larger plan if he is reelected.

“It’s about his return to power, because the man has told us what he wants to do, and everyone still walking around, especially democrats, with their heads some place other than in this game, worried about Joe Biden’s age,” Steele said. “You better worry about the 78-year-old that says he wants to be a dictator, not the 80-year-old man who’s trying to protect democracy and that’s what this breakdown is: extremism vs. freedom. Donald Trump has very clearly declared where he stands, and it’s not on the side of freedom.”

One of the most prominent people rejoining Trump’s camp is Stone, a longtime campaign consultant who’s worked with several former republican presidents, including Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush and more. Per Axios, Stone has been visiting Trump’s Mar-a-Lago often. Meanwhile, Manafort, who spent nearly two years of a 7.5-year-prison sentence for bank and tax fraud and was pardoned by Trump, is in talks to help with the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, CNN reports. Manafort previously served as Trump’s 2016 campaign manager.

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