In photos: Inside the University of Toronto encampment protest for Palestine

An encampment consisting of hundreds of students set up on the grounds of University of Toronto has entered it's seventh day, drawing both scrutiny and praise from the public and officials.

Closely monitored by students and security and encircled with construction fencing holding banners, those within say they refuse to move unless the university discloses ties with the Israeli government and divest from Israeli companies.

"It's beautiful to see so many people come together from so many backgrounds and perspectives," Erin Mackey, student media liaison tells Yahoo News Canada.

The encampment is the image of solidarity, with traditional knowledge being passed along to various groups, Indigenous hand-drumming, studies on the long-standing conflict, all while community members offer supplies to keep those encamped nourished.

University of Toronto announced Friday they do "see a way forward" with students, while Ontario Premier Doug Ford is calling an end to the demonstrations.