Mock accidents show impact of distracted driving first hand

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Mock accidents show impact of distracted driving first hand

The reality of how alcohol, drugs, and even text messaging can affect drivers was starkly demonstrated for students at Tecumseh Vista Academy Wednesday morning.

Police forces and first responders from across Essex County staged a mock accident at an information event to illustrate the impact of distracted or impaired driving.

Activities included a live demonstration of first responders extricating motorists from a vehicle following a mock crash, interactive games including the use of drunk goggles, and a presentation from the London Health Sciences Centre that used a simulator to illustrate the consequences of distracted driving.

Teens don't understand dangers of road

The presentations provided more context for young people just beginning to spend time on the road.

"I believe teenagers don't really know the dangers of texting behind the wheel because they haven't really been driving long enough to know what can happen," said grade 12 student Sam Wober.

Provincial police plan to put on similar events at L'Essor Secondary School on Thursday and at St. Anne's High School next week.