'There is no other choice': Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy endorses Joe Biden over Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Former Rep. Patrick Kennedy, R-R.I., cousin of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., endorsed President Joe Biden Sunday morning as the incumbent president seeks another term in office.

"There is no other choice than Joe Biden," Kennedy told CNN's "State of the Union" during a larger discussion with host Dana Bash about addiction and the mental health crisis.

"That sounded like an endorsement," Bash said.

"Of course it is," Kennedy said.

Is Patrick Kennedy worried about RFK Jr. as a 'spoiler' for Joe Biden?

Patrick Kennedy, a retired politician and mental health advocate, told Bash that he is worried about what a second term for former President Donald Trump could mean for the country when asked if his cousin, RFK Jr., could be a spoiler to Biden's chances at winning in November.

"Democracy really is in peril," Patrick Kennedy alleged. "The threat to democracy is here at home."

Some critics have warned that RFK Jr., an environmental lawyer who has long spread conspiracy theories, could act as a spoiler in the general election by taking away votes from one of the two frontrunners.

As of mid-May, RFK Jr.'s campaign said it has achieved ballot access in six states. His campaign is moving to expand that initiative elsewhere, and he has averaged less than 15% in most national polls. However, even a small margin of votes can make the difference in tight battleground states.

RFK Jr. has told Scripps News that he plans to file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission over his potential exclusion from the planned June 27 debate between Biden and Trump.

The odd Kennedy out

Several members of the Kennedy family endorsed Biden over RFK Jr. at a Biden rally in Philadelphia last month.

"We want to make crystal clear our feeling that the best way forward for America is to reelect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to four more years," Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and the younger sister of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., said at the event.

Several Kennedy family members have also publicly opposed RFK Jr.'s candidacy.

In March, dozens of members of the staunchly Democratic Kennedy family joined Biden at the White House for a St. Patrick's Day celebration.

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