PHOTOS: Ontario and B.C. face back-to-back storms

YahCanada is seeing double the trouble when it comes to winter storms this season, with Ontario and British Columbia dealing with blizzards during the same week.

This week B.C. is dealing with up to 40 cm of snow, depending on the region you live in. Ontario dealt with a fickle, ongoing storm on Feb 12 with conditions ranging from ice pellets to snow to freezing rain and more.

But these aren’t the first major snowfalls of 2019.

At the end of January, snow blanketed the Greater Toronto Area with the biggest blast of the winter so far.

Environment Canada says there was 26.4 cm of snowfall on Jan 28. This shatters their previous snowfall record for that day, which was last set in 1947 when 16 cm was recorded.

This most recent snowstorm also came with cooler temperatures ranging from -5.7 C to -19.7 C, and that’s not including the wind chill. Combine this with winds approaching 40 km/h and visibility as low as 400 metres in some areas due to heavy snow and blowing conditions.

An Alberta Clipper is being blamed for the winter storm. The snow began to fall just before noon in the Toronto area, causing traffic chaos on busy travel routes.

The snowfall warning may have ended, but the snow doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

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