String of break-ins in Mud Lake has community unsettled

David Bell/CBC

A Mud Lake man is warning others in the community to monitor their houses and cabins after a his home was one of several that were broken into.

Trevor Edmunds was out of town when he got a call about suspicious activity in the area around his home, where he lives with his wife.

After neighbours inspected the area and Edmunds' property to find no visible damage, Edmunds thought all was well until her returned home to find out his home was, in fact, one of the targets.

"People knew we were out of town. I came home and found my doors kicked in," Edmunds told CBC Radio's Labrador Morning on Friday. 

"We just did a search yesterday and we've seen other properties were broken into. I recommend anyone with other properties down there to probably come down and check them out."

Invasion of privacy

Edmunds told CBC News his family is still shaken from the event, and that it feels like a total invasion of privacy. He said the house was ransacked.

"[We're] on edge right now, you know? We're in a small community with no RCMP presence. It's just a little uncomfortable," he said. 

Among the items missing are five cameras, a stereo, alcohol, bear deterrents and some loose change.

But, the list continues to grow as the couple tries to feel safe within their own home once again.   

Edmunds said it's a community of about 40 people, and not once has anyone felt the need to lock their doors before now, but feels whoever is responsible for the break-ins likely knows their way around the area.

"We work hard for our life, and to have your home invaded and personal belongings stolen from underneath you, I'd hope someone will speak up," he said.

According to Edmunds the RCMP is continuing its investigation.

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