Taylor Swift pauses London Eras Tour show briefly during 'Red' era: 'We need some help'

In the middle of Taylor Swift's heartfelt speech to a packed Wembley Stadium in London on Friday, the singer paused her train of thought to make sure fans at the catwalk's end were OK.

"We need some help right at the end of the ramp just where they're waving," she said during the "Red" era before her 10-minute song "All Too Well." "Just going to wait until I see that that's sorted out. There we go. You guys are the best. See how fast that was. They really care about you here at Wembley Stadium, and they should."

During Swift's "Betty" and "Champagne Problems" monologues and in the middle of the "Willow" song, she also requested for staff to help fans.

"We need some help right there you see where they’re waving just over there," Swift said from her ivy-adorned "Evermore" piano.

The Eras Tour star performed her first of eight concerts in the massive stadium of 88,446 screaming fans. In the Swift sea were her parents, boyfriend Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce, Kylie Kelce and Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlin.

Swift reflected on her early concerts in the City of Dreams.

"It is so incredibly surreal to finally be taking the Eras Tour to London, because you have been some of the most supportive people in the entire time that I've been making music from the very beginning," she said. "The first show that I did I think I was 17 and I started out playing King's College. Then played Shepherd's Bush Empire and from there you just continued to support me more and more. The rooms got gradually bigger and bigger."

The superstar will perform at Wembley three nights in June and five nights in August.

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