Zoo welcomes Arctic fox cubs for first time

A zoo has welcomed the birth of Arctic fox cubs for the first time.

Eight cubs, also known as kits, were spotted emerging from an underground burrow at Dudley Zoo last week.

Carnivore section leader, Sam Grove, said the arrival of the cubs, who were about six weeks old, was "extra special".

"We’re thrilled to see the cubs out and about exploring the habitat," he added.

Parents Grace, aged two and Spruce, aged one, were doing "incredibly well" with dad guarding the burrow entrance and taking food to mum, the zoo said.

Female Arctic foxes can birth up to 14 pups and can have two litters in a year with babies sporting a dark velvety coat.

The species live in burrows and can survive up to six years in the wild.

They were re-introduced to the zoo in 2019.

Arctic fox cubs with their mum and dad
The arctic foxes have been spending time with their parents [Dudley Zoo and Castle]

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