3 Hulu movies you need to stream this weekend (June 21-23)

Camila Morrone in Marmalade.
Signature Films

Thanks to Inside Out 2, there are finally signs of life at the box office. But unless you really want to see The Bikeriders this weekend, you’re better off staying at home and turning on Hulu. Not every streaming service is considerate enough to offer fresh movies nearly every week of the month. And two of our picks for the three movies on Hulu that you need to watch this weekend both premiered on the service just a few days ago.

Our third and final pick of the week was chosen in part because Bad Boys: Ride or Die is playing in theaters right now. It’s fun, but we prefer the film that came out before it for our action and comedy fix of the week.

Marmalade (2024)

Joe Keery and Camila Morrone in Marmalade.
Signature Films

Very few saw Marmalade when it hit theaters earlier this year, but that’s not too surprising considering that Stranger Things‘ Joe Keery and Black Adam‘s Aldis Hodge were the only two stars of note in the film. Keery plays Baron, a young man who is the new cellmate of Otis (Hodge). More than anything else, Baron wants to get out of prison and back to his beloved Marmalade (Camila Morrone).

After sharing his story about how he became an outlaw to support Marmalade and his dying mother, Baron asks for Otis’ help in breaking out of prison. Otis has some ideas of his own, and he also has an agenda that doesn’t necessarily have Baron’s best interests at heart. But Marmalade is the true wild card in this story, and not even love can slow her down.

Watch Marmalade on Hulu.

In the Fade (2017)

Diane Kruger in the film In the Fade.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Diane Kruger headlines In the Fade as Katja Şekerci, an older woman who has found happiness with her husband, Nuri Şekerci (Numan Acar), and their son, Rocco (Rafael Santana). Unfortunately, the family is destroyed by a terrorist bombing in Germany, leaving Katja as the only survivor.

In her despair, Katja nearly succumbs to suicidal thoughts. The only thing that keeps Katja going is the thought of finding the Neo-Nazis who murdered her husband and child. And if the courts won’t give Katja the justice that she needs, then she’ll take her revenge in her own hands no matter what the consequences are for herself.

Watch In the Fade on Hulu.

Bad Boys For Life (2020)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys For Life.
Sony Pictures

Let’s close out the week on a lighter note with the action comedy Bad Boys For Life. It only took 17 years for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to return for the third movie in the franchise. Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) are a lot closer to the end of their police careers than they are to the beginning. And these long-time partners don’t see eye-to-eye about whether they should just retire.

Isabel “La Bruja” Aretas (Kate del Castillo), the widow of a drug lord, takes that choice out of their hands when she sends her son, Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio), to pave the way for her underworld takeover. Armando leaves a trail of bodies in his wake, and Mike is No. 1 on his hit list for his prior relationship with Isabel decades earlier. Even Mike and Marcus can’t beat Isabel’s army by themselves. Luckily, they have a few new friends in the police department who won’t let little things like jurisdiction get in their way.

Watch Bad Boys For Life on Hulu.