People Revealed Deeeeeeply Horrifying School Scandals, And They're Shock, Shock, Shocking If You Ask Me

We shared a post where folks revealed the most disturbing, shocking, and unbelievable things that ever happened at their school.

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Unfortunately, people had a lot of horrible stories to tell, but they inspired our BuzzFeed Community to share some of their own experiences, too.

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So, here are some of the most shocking things folks witnessed back in school:

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Note: Some submissions were pulled from this Reddit thread by user Special_Scientist701.

Note: Some submissions include topics of child abuse, sexual abuse, gun violence, and necrophilia. Please proceed with caution.

1."In high school, a few guys killed a raccoon, then got the bright idea to cut it half and put the waist up half in one of their parents' freezers. After it was good and frozen they brought it to school and put it in the lobby trophy case. It looked pretty cool until it thawed out and the guts started oozing out."


2."My elementary school had a part-time janitor who also worked at a funeral home preparing the deceased (embalming, dressing, etc.). He was found guilty of stealing from the bodies when a girl at my school noticed he was wearing her father's distinctive watch a week after he passed. An investigation also discovered he was engaging in necrophilia with the female bodies when a detective literally walked in on him."


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3."I still remember being in 5th grade and being sent to the office because someone threw stuff whenever the teacher turned around. She thought it was me (it wasn’t) and sent me to the principal's office. When I got to the principal’s office the superintendent was also there (I think they were friends). The superintendent was ranting about being sick of 'you bastard kids.' He picked me up by my shirt and threw me into a filing cabinet. I remember him having a hold of my shirt and screaming again that I was a little bastard, and I felt his spit hitting me in the face. I was biting my lip and trying not to cry. He threatened to beat the shit out of me if I ever told anyone, so I didn’t. The principal (who I always liked before) apologized after the guy stormed out, but told me it was my fault for 'misbehaving.'"

"I always loved school before that, but then had a 'fuck it' attitude after that. School sucks sometimes 😑."


4."At university, my history class did an annual three-day field trip to London for a first-year module. An urban legend was spread around about a student who got so drunk on absinthe that he wrote drunken messages with his own shit all over the bathroom walls and mirror. The smell of his excrement and the commotion woke up the entire hostel at 4 a.m. and nearly got our entire university barred."

"Fast-forward a few years — I start working in a call center and find out one of the supervisors not only went to my university but also studied history five years prior. He went on the same field trip and stayed in the same hostel as I did.

He was in the same dorm as the drunken student, and remembered his lecturer waking him up in the early hours..."


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5."My high school had two teachers who started relationships with students 'after graduation/they turned 18.' One was a gym teacher (who would give any girl $100 for the day as long as they wore shorts during attendance) and the other was a vice principal (who went on international trips with students and got them drunk in other countries). 'After graduation" is in quotes because I'm 95% sure one relationship started while we were still underage students. They're married now and it's disgusting for so many reasons, including that her family encouraged the predatory relationship because he can cook..."


6."In the '90s at secondary school, a teacher brought a camcorder into school and taped the pretty bad behavior happening (the teachers were afraid of the kids). They recorded someone called The Phantom Crapper who would poop in the top drawer of the teacher's desk so that when the teacher would go to grab something out of said drawer, they'd get a handful of HUMAN poop. A TV program was done exposing us, and in the end the teacher lost her job."


7."We had so many wild things happen at my school. On my bus in 7th grade, a girl asked the boy next to her to stab her in the leg, and he obliged."


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8."I went to a Catholic high school. Some of our biggest scandals involved a bomb threat in the aftermath of the Columbine High School massacre and another involving a few priests. A priest called us all 'pissants' after the bomb threat was phoned in. Another priest got caught with an underage sex worker and was defrocked not because of the underage element, but because the kid was doing sex work. Last I'd heard, he had to register as an offender with the state."


9."At a middle school in our hometown in the mid-2010s, a group of boys got caught operating a child pornography ring. They were convincing girls to send them nude sexts, collecting them, and then selling them to other students. It also came out at the same time that one kid who had largely absentee parents was holding drunken sex parties at his house to get more of those pics."


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10."I had a music teacher who screamed at me until I cried. She told me that if I were her daughter, she'd backhand me across the face, all because she felt I wasn't showing enough emotion while performing and would never make it as a professional. I didn't want to be a professional and had never indicated otherwise. Then she hugged me and told me she loved me..."


11."Back in the late '90s I was supposed to go to this one particular high school that was notoriously 'bad' for various reasons. My mom did not want me to go there and put me in the lottery for a 'better' school. Luckily, I 'won' and went to the 'better' school. Not long after I started my freshman year, some poor kid got murdered at the high school I was originally supposed to attend. He was bludgeoned to death and they never found out who did it."


12."I'm a Canadian high school student. My school is notorious for a lot of stuff, including a few kids murdering somebody and for getting swatted. However, before I came to my high school, there was a science teacher who would always have this student over in his classroom after school. Kids who were vaping behind the school always saw them together. The moment the student graduated, he and the student started publicly dating. I'm pretty sure he left his job before that because he knew what would follow."


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13."A freshman science teacher was notorious during my time at school for being 'weird with girls' in his classes. He was always bragging about being able to manufacture cocaine because his college professor taught him. Two or three years ago, he died by suicide outside of the school in his car because several former and current students were coming forward with proof of him being inappropriate (or even outright sexual with them)."


14."This was my math teacher, who was also the sex ed teacher and a coach. He was very determined to ensure that the girls in his math class knew that STEM was not for girls. He refused to answer questions in class from girls and said things like, 'It's okay if you don't get this — you won't need it after high school' (only to the girls). His sex ed class involved leaving us alone in the room to watch videos on sexually transmitted diseases and schizophrenia and to do self-guided busywork."


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15."Junior year, a random drug dealer (who didn't attend the school) got thrown off the second-story balcony onto a lawn area by a student who was essentially the school candy dealer."


16."I once had a high school theater teacher 'jokingly' tell me to kill myself in front of the entire class because I was crying about something unrelated. Everyone just kind of went quiet, like, 'Huh???' And then she got really offended that we weren't laughing about it. The tech theater teacher (an actual saint) called my parents that night to check on me and made sure they knew because he knew I wasn't going to stand up for myself on my own. Teachers in general are fantastic and underappreciated, but that woman was something else."


17."In high school, 20 kids got kicked out during my senior year for various reasons (this was a private school). Three years after we graduated, someone in my class murdered his ex-girlfriend by shooting her eight times near a lake and is serving life right now."


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18."One day, my entire third-grade class got in trouble for throwing sand during recess. My mom was there to see our class rehearse our Thanksgiving play (she had to work for the real performance), so she got to see my teacher yell at us for 10 minutes about how we were supposed to be the 'smart kids.' This was a 'gifted class' we all tested into — she thought we were 'dumb' to throw sand. Then, while half the class was still crying and trying to perform the Thanksgiving play, the teacher turned to my mom and said, 'Some days, I just want to take a BB gun, shoot them, and see which ones survive.'"

"My mom politely tried to tell her that maybe she shouldn't be teaching, and the teacher responded, 'Oh, well, no one else wanted to teach this class, so I had to do it.'

"Luckily our family moved, so I didn't stay in her class much longer. Her house burned down later that year, and they brought in a sub to finish the year for her."


19.And finally, "Now that they've been convicted, I can talk about this. Some guys in my school (two in the grade below me and one from the grade above me) were convicted of murdering a 17-year-old when the rest of us were in our twenties. They attacked him in a Walmart parking lot and left him for dead. His family found him when they went looking for him, and he died three days later. I went to a small Christian high school with about 30-60 people per grade level, so this was huge news."


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Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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