Replacement ECHL trophy got broken at a Newfie strip club

Kyle Cantlon
NHL Editor
Are you even the champions of anything if you don't destroy the trophy in a Newfie rippers? (Getty)

No one truly knows the extent of the carnage and damage that has taken place between the walls of Newfoundland’s grittiest strip clubs over the span of human history.

The ECHL championship trophy, however, might have an idea.

The nameless hardware — which replaced the Kelly Cup after it was apparently stolen by the Colorado Eagles after they left the league following their 2018 championship — didn’t last very long, as it appears to have been broken while the league-champ Newfoundland Growlers celebrated their first title.

The tweet above comparing the broken, cup-less trophy hanging out with some hard-working club employees (left) and what the actual, non-broken hardware is supposed to look like (right) paints a pretty good picture.

(It’s important to note here for the sake of journalism that this story hasn’t been confirmed and was mostly pieced together by some Twitter detectives based primarily on these two photos, but it all seems to add up — and I really want to believe it, so.)

If you’ve ever been to St. John’s, Nfld., then you’ve certainly frequented the possible scenes of the crime. If you haven’t, or are just lying to yourself and the rest of us, Sirens or The Cotton Club are the two go-to peelers right in the vicinity of the Growlers’ home arena.

The Kelly Cup, and its replacement, have had a wild few months.

(h/t Busted Coverage)

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