Selena Gomez's Eyeliner Is So Sharp It Might Cut Me

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Selena Gomez's eyeliner is so sharp, I'm honestly a little scared of it. OK, not really, but I am mesmerized that perfectly precise winged cat eye and planning to try my hand at it this weekend.

Gomez, who has been super busy filming the upcoming season of Only Murders in the Building, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a sheer black pencil dress that matched the sleek vibes of her liner. Instead of matte skin and dark lips, however, makeup artist Melissa Murdick gave the star a “sunkissed” look for a fun contrast, adding lots of blush and bronzer to Gomez's cheeks and across the bridge of her nose to make it look as though Gomez had been spending the summer soaking up the sun at the beach instead of working on a TV project.

But let's start with that eyeliner, shall we? Murdick, who often works with the actor-singer-Rare Beauty founder, applied a shimmery champagne pink shadow over Gomez's lids and brushed up her brows for a feathery look, then defined her eyes with a dramatic black wing that extended almost to the tip of Gomez's brow. Though the shape itself was ultra-precise, the black hue still felt lighthearted and romantic. It's dangerously sharp, but with a soft side!

Murdick used bronze and peach tones on Gomez's cheeks, layering blush and bronzer and applying a few faux freckles across the top of her cheekbones. A diffused, creamy reddish-apricot lip felt equally summery and sweet for the talk show appearance. Hairstylist Marissa Marino styled the star's hair long and straight over her shoulders.

Gomez's Only Murders co-star Martin Short was handling hosting duties on Kimmel for the night, and the Rare Beauty founder took a moment to give him a live contouring lesson; according to Gomez, Short actually wears Rare Beauty products while filming the show! Adorable.

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