Sophie Turner Seen With Boyfriend Peregrine Pearson in Italy

In early December, 2023, Sophie Turner was seen again with rumored love interest Peregrine “Perry” Pearson, kissing one another in London. That was their second session of PDA after they were photographed together in late October, that time sharing a kiss in Paris. Turner split a few months earlier from husband Joe Jonas, with whom she shares two daughters.

In photos shared by Page Six, the pair were seen holding hands and stopping to kiss after having brunch in West London. Turner was wearing a blue sweatshirt, black coat, and gray sweatpants. Pearson was also layered for the weather, wearing a sweater, coat, gray pants, and sneakers. They both had on sunglasses and hats.

The outing in October was documented by The Sun, who reported the new couple was at Gare du Nord railway station, then headed to Stade de France for the Rugby World Cup Final.

Here's everything we know about Peregrine Pearson and his connection with Turner so far.

Who is Peregrine Pearson?

Pearson is an aristocrat, officially the heir to the 4th Viscount Cowdray, which is a county in Sussex. After inheriting, he'll be the 5th Viscount Cowdray and his official full name is Hon Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson. However, he goes by Perry.

Pearson has a degree in business, management, and marketing from the University of West London. Peregrine's family has a very high net worth, reportedly over $270 million, and own large family estates.

They have been converting some of them into businesses, turning the Cowdray Estate into a location for a Polo Club, a farm shop, café, golf club, and cottages. Pearson started as the director at Cowdray Estate in 2016, according to his LinkedIn, and became the director of Weetman Developments in 2019.

“Traditionally, estates were run like holiday homes,” Pearson told The Gentleman’s Journal. “Someone got very successful, bought a home, and then used it as a way of doing whatever they wanted—polo, shooting, fishing—without really having to pay.”

He added, “But the dream is to pass it on to my son or daughter in better nick than it’s in now. That’s the mentality when it comes to estates. You’re so grateful that you’ve been given this opportunity, you want others to have the same opportunity that you had.”

While he's willing to talk business, Pearson has a private Instagram and rarely shares much about his personal life.

Who else has Pearson dated?

That said, Pearson dated King Charles III’s goddaughter, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark. They were first linked in 2020, but when he was not at her 27th birthday in July, it was rumored they split. The Daily Mail reported that they had officially broken up and photos of Pearson disappeared from the princess's Instagram.

How are Turner and Pearson doing in January 2024?

On Wednesday, January 17, Turner and Pearson were seen walking in London together in the evening, smiling and chatting. Pearson had his arm wrapped affectionately around the actress, who was in turn holding his wrist. The aristocrat was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt under a green jacket, denim jeans, and black sneakers. In one of his hands, a few mini alcohol bottles were visible. Turner wore an oversized beige wool coat over brown leather pants and leather slip-ons lined with fleece.

Then, on January 29, Turner might have confirmed their relationship on Instagram. She posted a photo dump from a recent ski trip with friends, starting off the carousel with a group selfie featuring Pearson seated right next to her on a ski lift.

Another group picture showed them standing close, with Pearson grinning.

When did Pearson and Turner first start becoming serious?

On Jan. 31, 2024, a source described Pearson and Turner’s relationship as escalating to Us Weekly. After a few months dating, things are “getting fairly serious,” the source said. “They had an immediate spark when they first started dating. Things have only grown closer between them since.”

Turner “never expected to find someone she cares about this quickly [after her breakup from estranged husband Joe Jonas],” the insider added.

“Of course, the physical attraction is there,” they continued. “But Perry treats Sophie with nothing but respect and he makes her laugh, which is also so important to her.”

That treatment allows her to have “a level of familiarity with him that makes her feel comfortable,” the source said. “Things are going really well, and Sophie couldn’t be happier.”

They made a public appearance together in February 2024.

The couple attended Stanley Zhu's Year of Dragon celebration on Saturday, February 10, posing for photos in the venue. Turner wore a silvery off-the-shoulder crop top with a matching body-hugging skirt. She paired the look with black heels and some small gold pieces of jewelry.

stanley zhu's year of dragon celebration
Dave Benett - Getty Images

Pearson was wearing a classic black suit with a dragon on his lapel.

Pearson and Turner were seen together twice in March 2024.

On Sunday, March 3, the actress and the aristocrat were spotted leaving a luxury hotel in Paris. In some photos obtained by Daily Mail, Turner has a small smile on her face as she walks out of the hotel’s front doors with Pearson trailing right behind her.

Turner was likely in France for Paris Fashion Week. She wore a long black trench coat and cream-colored flats, while Pearson wore a polka-dot button-up shirt under a black jacket with black jeans and Adidas shoes.

Then, the very next day, TMZ released pictures of Turner and Pearson cuddling up as they walked arm in arm down the streets of the City of Lights. In one photo, Pearson planted a kiss on his girlfriend’s forehead. They both were dressed casually in jeans.

The couple enjoyed a romantic trip to Italy in May 2024.

On Friday, May 31, Pearson and Turner were seen in Capri, Italy, enjoying a relaxing moment. Pearson was sipping a glass of white wine while Turner had a cigarette. He was wearing a black shirt with white pants, while Turner wore a blue sweater, jeans, and carried a Louis Vuitton purse.

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