Justin Timberlake jokes about his drink-driving arrest at Boston concert

Justin Timberlake made a reference to his arrest for alleged drink-driving at his tour stop in Boston.

The American singer and actor, 43, spoke about the incident during his Forget Tomorrow World Tour stop at the city’s TD Garden on Saturday.

“So, uh, is there anyone here tonight that is driving? No, I am just kidding,” he said, an apparent reference to his 17 June arrest in Sag Harbor, Long Island.

The “Cry Me a River” singer followed by asking who in the crowd was attending for the first time and said he hoped they felt the “fellowship and love”.

“Is there anyone here tonight, that it’s your first time here to the show? Is there anybody here that you’ve been to one, two, three, maybe four of our shows?” he asked.

“For all of you that it’s your first time tonight – on a serious note – I hope that you feel the fellowship and the love. For those of you that have been with me through all the weird haircuts … don’t act like y’all didn’t have bad haircuts! I took one for the team. Maybe like three or four for the team, but who’s counting. But it’s been almost three decades together, you guys.”

The “Mirrors” musician is on the US leg of the tour to promote his new album, Everything I Thought I Was, his first record in six years.

The album has been critically panned, with a two-star review in The Independent calling it “about as sexy as a soiled mattress”.

Justin Timberlake’s booking photo (Getty)
Justin Timberlake’s booking photo (Getty)

After Timberlake was arrested, he claimed to have had just “one martini”, according to a police complaint.

Police said Timberlake was pulled over after he drove through a stop sign and started swerving. He had been partying at the American Hotel and told police he was following his friends home, reported TMZ.

Timberlake “performed poorly on all standardised field sobriety tests” and repeatedly refused to take a breathalyser, the complaint said, adding that he had glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol.

“He was unable to divide attention, he had slowed speech, he was unsteady afoot.”

A report in Page Six said that when he was being arrested, Timberlake said under his breath, “This is going to ruin the tour.”

“What tour?” the policeman asked.

“The world tour,” Timberlake responded, inspiring a now-viral meme.

Last week, Timberlake gave a heartfelt speech at his first show following his arrest at Chicago’s United Center.

“We’ve been together through ups and downs, lefts and rights. It’s been a tough week, but you’re here and I’m here, and nothing can change this moment right now,” he said.

“I know sometimes I’m hard to love but you keep on loving me and I love you right back. Thank you so much.”

Timberlake’s next court hearing is set for 26 July, which according to his website is also the day he is scheduled to perform at the Tauron Arena Krakow in Poland.